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DNSWatchGO Now Supports Multiple Client Policies and Client Grouping

WatchGuard is excited to announce two new features that enable IT teams to apply and manage unique content filtering policies in DNSWatchGO more easily. This means you can tailor your policies to the specific needs of your users. Historically, users could only apply a Default Client Policy to all of their active DNSWatchGO Clients. Now it is it possible to create Client Groups and apply a unique set of policies for those groups, rather than requiring users to apply a policy to each and every Client.

We’ve added the Client Groups feature to the main navigation of DNSWatchGO, as well as the updated Content Filtering Policy Management page to alert users that they can now manage Client Policies via Client Groups.

  • Before any new groups are created, all Clients will be placed into the Default Group, which is assigned the Default Policy.
  • Users can create and name new Groups, as well as assign the desire policies by Group.
  • Clients can easily be added to the Group.

See the Feature in Action



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