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Icon: Off-Network Security

Off-Network Security

Over 90% of midsize enterprises have employees working half of their week outside the office. 50% of Millennials regularly work from coffee shops, and 60% work remotely to the fullest extent their company allows. As a result, more and more business is being conducted off-network and outside the secure perimeter provided by the network firewall. Learn More >

Icon: Trusted Wireless Environment

Trusted Wireless Environment

A Trusted Wireless Environment is a framework businesses and solution providers can use to build Wi-Fi systems that deliver market-leading performance, enable scalability and provide verified, comprehensive security that protects from all six known Wi-Fi threat categories. Learn More >

Icon: Weak and Stolen Passwords

Weak and Stolen Passwords

Mounting pressure to devise strong, unique passwords, every 90 days, across dozens of online accounts has driven users to simplify, serialize and share passwords between accounts for even less password security than before. Hackers have noticed, and are now cracking or stealing them as their preferred way to gain access and breach networks. Learn More >

Icon: Advanced Malware

Advanced Malware

Malware is software designed to infect a computer to perform variety of malicious actions. After exploiting technical or human vulnerabilities in your environment, an attacker will deliver malware to compromise your users’ computers for the purpose of stealing or denying access to information and systems. Modern malware is highly sophisticated and evasive, making detection more difficult than ever. Learn More >

Icon: SD-WAN


Outdated hub and spoke network architectures drive up costs and degrade performance as traffic levels increase between corporate sites. Companies are turning to SD-WAN to provide branch locations with assured performance for critical applications like voice and video, and a secure, direct connection to Cloud-based resources - all without blowing the IT budget. The challenge is to deploy SD-WAN without introducing new gaps in security. Learn More >

Icon: Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

A managed security service provider (MSSP) works as an extension of your organization to fill any IT security gaps, including deployment and configuration, ongoing maintenance, monitoring and reporting, and more. These managed security services are critical for organizations that do not have the in-house resources to ensure continuous protection – all while reducing the need for dedicated headcount. Learn More >

Icon: Data Loss

Data Loss

Hackers use countless exploits to break into your networks and steal data. From spear phishing emails containing data-stealing malware, to SQL injection attacks siphoning data from web-connected database servers, criminals can attack organizations from many vectors. Learn More >

Icon: Network Blind Spots

Network Blind Spots

Organizations are struggling to identify threats in a timely and actionable way in large part because they lack the necessary visibility into their environment needed to detect malicious actions. These network blind spots are easily exploited by skilled attackers, and the results can be devastating. Learn More >

Icon: Ransomware


Ransomware is a type of advanced malware attack that takes hold of a device, either locking the user out entirely or encrypting files so they cannot be used. Whether downloaded from a malicious or compromised website, delivered as an attachment from a phishing email or dropped by exploit kits onto vulnerable systems, ransomware represents one of the most significant threats SMBs face today. Learn More >