Network Automation to the Core

Don’t Hesitate, Automate

What if you could cut the time the IT Team spent managing your secure network by as much as 80%?

Automating your network replaces manual tasks with predictable, repeatable network changes. Automation increases IT productivity and accelerates service delivery, allowing you to focus on strategic opportunities that drive business growth.

of organizations use
at least one type
of network automation
Cisco Live 2019
of businesses say remote work increases the time to identify and contain a breach
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say their cybersecurity team
is understaffed

What Makes WatchGuard Network Automation Core Different?

Automation is at the heart of WatchGuard’s unified security platform. The WatchGuard Network Automation Core accelerates processes, kills more threats, and empowers your team to do more with less.

The tools that comprise Automation Core are uniquely comprehensive and address all four automation levels. They make it possible to extend security capabilities to every computing environment where your business operates. It defines an intelligent, autonomous perimeter extending from the LAN to the Cloud, and ultimately the endpoint to deliver persistent, integrated protection for your business.

Automation Hierarchy

Level 1:
Management & Visibility

How can I minimize frequent, repetitive and error-prone manual tasks and processes?
99% of network breaches occur because of a misconfigured firewall. Automating management and visibility tasks allows for “one setup, repeated use” that replaces frequent, error-prone manual tasks with automated processes.

Level 2:

How can I more efficiently deploy and support our security offering?
Deploying new devices in a remote location can be costly and time consuming. Operational automation uses the power of the Cloud to facilitate deployment, ongoing management, and support.

Level 3:
Responsive Security

How can I respond faster and stay up to date with the latest threat intelligence?
Responding to threats in a timely fashion can be the difference between a quick fix and a major security incident. The average business spends hundreds of man-hours each week cleaning, fixing and/or patching networks, applications and devices.

Level 4:
Predictive Security

How can I block advanced threats without hiring a team of security experts?
Stopping an attack from entering your environment is the best way to keep your organization safe. Level 4 Security Automation employs artificial intelligence (AI) technology to continually predict and defend against new threats.

See the Efficiency of Automation in Action

See how easy it is to manage WatchGuard security in this online tour of WatchGuard Cloud. The demo account is populated with sample data that represents a typical administrator account and includes over 100 dashboards and reports.

WatchGuard Cloud Demo