Trusted Wireless Environment

Secure Wi-Fi Networks with a Trusted Wireless Environment

A Trusted Wireless Environment is a comprehensive framework designed to create secure Wi-Fi networks that cater to the needs of remote users, distributed enterprises, and all devices within the network. It offers a fast and easily manageable solution that prioritizes network security. By using this framework for deployment, organizations can guarantee the extension of comprehensive network security to their Wi-Fi infrastructure. It effectively safeguards against a range of essential Wi-Fi threats, ensuring a robust and protected wireless environment.

The Most Common Wi-Fi Hacks

Rogue AP Icon

Access Point

An unauthorized or maliciously deployed Wi-Fi access point that poses a security risk by allowing unauthorized network access.

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Evil Twin
Access Point

A rogue Wi-Fi network imitates a legitimate network, enabling attackers to intercept information from connected users.

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An unauthorized or compromised device connects to a network posing a security risk and compromising network integrity.

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Access Point

A Wi-Fi access point, typically belonging to a nearby entity, may impact nearby wireless networks' performance or security.

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Access Point

An improperly configured Wi-Fi access point leads to connectivity issues, security vulnerabilities, or poor performance.

Ad-Hoc Network Icon


A temporary wireless network between devices, bypassing network security to enable direct peer-to-peer communication.

Build a Trusted Wireless Environment

Executing the framework elements is crucial to meet the needs of remote users, distributed enterprises, and the ever-growing number of connected devices. They ensure that Wi-Fi networks are high-performing and easily manageable and provide robust security measures that protect against a wide range of Wi-Fi threats, safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining network integrity.

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Utilize tools to monitor, control, and optimize Wi-Fi frequency bands to mitigate interference, detect unauthorized access, and ensure secure network operation.

Wi-Fi 6 access points with WPA3 provide stronger encryption, improved authentication, individualized data encryption, protection against brute-force attacks, and forward secrecy, mitigating many known vulnerabilities and enhancing network security.

Establish clear remote access policies on securing Wi-Fi connections and utilizing VPNs for encrypted connections to help define acceptable usage, specify security requirements, and protect data during transmission over home and public Wi-Fi networks.

Utilize MAC address filtering to create a list of approved devices, based on their unique MAC address, to prevent non-registered devices from connecting to the network.

Divide your Wi-Fi network into separate segments or VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) to isolate different types of traffic (authorized users, guests, and IoT devices) and restrict the lateral movement of potential threats.

Analyze network performance metrics for capacity planning, to detect coverage gaps, or identify signs of potential security incidents, such as unusual data traffic patterns.
Trusted Wireless Environment + Unified Security Platform = Secure Wi-Fi
Tackle the essential challenges in wireless network security and management, including rogue access points and network visibility/control. This solution brief shows you how to ensure comprehensive protection that mitigates Wi-Fi network risk by establishing a secure, managed, and compliant wireless environment.
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A Key Building Block of Unified Security

Incorporating wireless security measures into a unified platform establishes consistent and cohesive security policies, reducing the risk of potential vulnerabilities and ensuring holistic protection. This integration allows for centralized management, enhanced visibility, and coordinated response to security incidents across the entire network, promoting efficiency and effectiveness in safeguarding critical assets.

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Set Up Your Trusted Wireless Environment

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Trust Begins With Secure Wi-Fi

Wireless network security is crucial for maintaining network resources' confidentiality, integrity, and availability. It provides a robust defense against unauthorized access, data breaches, and potential cyber threats, ensuring the privacy and protection of sensitive information.

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Wi-Fi 6 Access Points With WPA3 Encryption

Address the growing demands of modern wireless networks, providing faster speeds, increased capacity, improved efficiency, and better support for a higher number of devices. As the number of connected devices continues to rise, Wi-Fi 6 access points are crucial for delivering a reliable and high-performance wireless experience from homes and offices to public spaces and large-scale deployments.

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