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Until now, multi-factor authentication (MFA) has been out of reach for many due to the complex integrations and burdensome on-premises management, which makes it impossible to implement without a large IT staff and considerable up-front expense. By contrast, WatchGuard’s AuthPoint solution is a Cloud service, so there’s no expensive hardware to deploy, and you can engage with it from anywhere using WatchGuard Cloud’s intuitive interface to view reports and alerts, and configure and manage the service.

Low TCO, Cloud-Based Service

AuthPoint service is meant to run without infrastructure or a large staff – and there is no need to install software, schedule upgrades or manage patches. Moreover, the WatchGuard Cloud platform easily accommodates a single global account view or many independent accounts, so that companies can display just the data relevant to a person’s role.

Identity Store Synchronization

AuthPoint service synchronizes with existing user repositories, such as with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP, to maintain the consistency of the user base as well as allow for a fast deployment. Additionally, users can maintain and use their existing passwords.

Automated Token Provisioning

Manage tokens from the WatchGuard Cloud interface with rapid, automated provisioning and de-provisioning. Even better, temporary employees and 3rd party service providers can receive mobile tokens limited to a specific time period for the utmost protection.

Extended Protection

AuthPoint includes support for dozens of 3rd party integrations, and even more to come from our strong and growing ecosystem – so that you can add MFA protection to all your valuable resources.

Quick Facts

Includes reports on user activity, mobile OS, denied push notifications, and more


The Home Depot breach was traced to the stolen credentials of a 3rd Party HVAC service provider


WatchGuard Cloud has 7 built-in roles for Operators: 3 for Subscribers, and 4 for Service Provider type tenants


AuthPoint integrates with more than 60 other Cloud applications, VPNs and networks

“AuthPoint delivers on the promise of MFA by limiting the business risk associated with poor passwords without compromising on ease of use for employees and IT staff alike. Everything in a Cloud service – with no hardware to install and software to maintain…MFA is now considered core protection, and it comes from WatchGuard hassle-free.”

Tom Ruffolo, CEO, eSecurity Solutions


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