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(Re)Discover the Hidden Value of Single Sign-On

Modern zero trust is an information security model that denies users and devices access to applications, data, networks, and workloads by default. One of the optimal ways to help reduce credential-based attacks with applications is to leverage single sign-on (SSO) as part of your access management strategy. 

SSO combines simplicity with security by removing friction for users to access applications and reducing the administrative overhead and risks for IT associated with password management. 

What Is SSO and How Does It Work? 

SSO is an authentication method that enables workforce users to sign in using one set of credentials to multiple independent applications and target systems. 

Using SSO eliminates the need for a user to have to sign in and out with a unique set of credentials for every application or target system they are provisioned to use. 

This authentication method is built upon a concept called federation. To learn more technical details, download our feature brief The Key to Unlocking A Secure and Productive Hybrid Work

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  • How SSO enables you to balance access control with end user productivity.
  • How SSO to modern, web-based applications has evolved in a Cloud-first world. 
  • How to ensure SSO is aligned with your zero trust information security strategy. 
  • Tips to drive profitability as an Identity Security managed service provider.

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