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Don’t Let Wi-Fi Be Your Biggest Security Gap

In 2017, there were 8.4 billion connected devices and the volume is expected to hit 20.4 billion by 2020, according to analyst firm Gartner. Hackers prefer to go after the weak link in the security chain and it doesn’t take much to hack into the Wi-Fi network using easily accessible tools and a plethora of online how-to videos. Even the most rookie hacker can intercept traffic flowing over Wi-Fi and steal valuable data from your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or laptop. What’s worse - your business networks become compromised due to malware implanted and credentials stolen over Wi-Fi, and it can cost millions in fines and breach remediation expenses to fix.

91% of users are aware of public Wi-Fi security, but 89% choose to ignore it
$1 Billion is the estimated cost of the 2007 TJ Maxx Wi-Fi Breach
75% of all mobile communications flows over Wi-Fi

The Six Known Wi-Fi Threat Categories That Leave Your Business Vulnerable

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    Rogue Access Point
    Allows attackers to bypass perimeter security.
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    Rogue Client
    Delivers malware payloads to the network after connecting to malicious APs.
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    Neighbor Access Point or Client Misassociation
    Risks infection from connecting to other SSIDs while in range of the authorized AP.
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    Ad-Hoc Network
    Uses peer-to-peer connections to evade security controls and risk exposure to malware.
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    "Evil Twin" Access Point
    Lures users to connect to it so as to spy on traffic, steal data and infect systems.
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    Misconfigured Access Point
    Opens networks to attack as a result of configuration errors.


What is a Trusted Wireless Environment?

In a world with growing open Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi hackers are able to not only steal personal information but also spread malware to computers on the network, costing your businesses millions. Simply put, the Wi-Fi system that you installed seven years ago is no longer adequate. As you face the responsibility of evolving your Wi-Fi networks, you’re finding that many vendors do not enable you with the right products. WatchGuard is the only company that offers a framework for building a complete Wi-Fi network that is fast, easy to manage, and most importantly, secure. Companies that offer a Trusted Wireless Environment deliver on these three core pillars:

  1. Market-Leading Performance: You should never be forced to compromise security to achieve the necessary performance to support your environment with the speed, connections and client density that it needs.

  2. Scalable Management: With easy set-up and management, you should be able to control your entire wireless network from a single interface and execute key processes to safeguard the environment and its users.

  3. Verified Comprehensive Security: You need proof that the security solution that defends your business against Wi-Fi attacks can deliver on the following benefits:

    • Provide automatic protection from the six known Wi-Fi threat categories
    • Allow legitimate external access points to operate in the same airspace
    • Restrict users from connecting to unsanctioned Wi-Fi access points


By offering more than just Wi-Fi connectivity, Wi-Fi security from WatchGuard stands apart from other providers. It has distinguished itself by automatically detecting and preventing ALL of the most common Wi-Fi threats simultaneously. See results for yourself in this Miercom report >

How to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

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WatchGuard Secure Wi-Fi

WatchGuard’s Secure Wi-Fi Solution is engineered to provide a safe, protected airspace for your Wi-Fi environments, while eliminating administrative headaches and greatly reducing costs. With expansive engagement tools and visibility into business analytics, it delivers the competitive advantage your business needs to succeed.

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