Secure, Next Generation Network for Multi-Dwelling Units

WatchGuard has the most secure and cost-effective solutions you need to keep up with the rising wired and Wi-Fi demands of your users. The firewall and access point wall plate model are ideal for dorm rooms, hotels, assisted living, smart apartments and condos, military housing units, and so many others…the possibilities are endless.

Rock Solid Performance and Security for Everything MDU Residents Connect

MDU residents blend work with personal activity while at home and they expect the Wi-Fi and network services offered to them to be able to handle anything. From the most intense massively multiplayer online video game to the critical business webinar session, the Wi-Fi and network security products from WatchGuard will keep users running at full speed with the industry’s best wired and wireless security protection.

Remote Office Work

  • Web conferencing applications with video and VoIP
  • Remote access applications to corporate office
  • Cloud-based apps

Entertainment and Leisure

  • Streaming music, movies, TV, social feeds
  • Gaming consoles and apps

Multiple Device Types

  • Laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Smart TVs and entertainment gateways
  • IoT devices: cameras, doorbells, speakers, alarm systems, and more

Woman working at a dining room table with papers and a laptop

Woman laying on a couch working on her laptop

Hand holding a phone that is showing icons connected to different household internet-enabled devices

Product Photo: Firebox M670

Firebox Appliances

  • Total network protection and safe web browsing with WebBlocker and Application Control
  • M670 achieved a “Recommended Rating” in the NSS Labs Next Generation Firewall Group Test
  • Over 100 dashboards and reports available in WatchGuard Cloud, including PCI and HIPAA

Explore Other Firebox Appliances

Start Securing Your MDU Environment Today

  • Deliver great performance, even when demand surges
  • Integrated wired and Wi-Fi experience
  • Trusted Wireless Environment compliant Wi-Fi
  • Ideal for dorms, hotels, assisted living, smart apartments and condos, and military housing units
  • Keeps hackers away 24/7

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