Partner Success Story - Verteks

MSP Grows Its Consulting Business with the Help of WatchGuard


Verteks Consulting has been serving the technology needs faced by businesses since it was founded in 1996 in the sunny state of Florida. Verteks proudly offers fast, reliable and secure IT solutions to fit of the needs of their customers – from small businesses to enterprises spanning a variety of industries including education, government, healthcare, finance and law. Specifically, Verteks offers a wide range of services to their customers – including managed services, cyber security, VoIP, IT consulting, Wi-Fi, and business continuity solutions. Because Verteks offers solutions that are compliant with regulations, they are the ideal fit for governments and other entities that have strict compliance regulations.

Verteks chose WatchGuard due to the company’s robust portfolio, technology integrations and world-class support. Furthermore, Verteks can customize the WatchGuard solution to best fit their customers’ needs while protecting them against the latest security threats. Don Gulling, CEO of Verteks, elaborates: “WatchGuard helps us reach new clients, and they help us build deeper relationships with existing clients. For new clients, a focus on cyber security helps us get their attention and WatchGuard’s solutions are powerful, easy to use and a great value. What’s more is that we talk about evolving threats rather than the product, and WatchGuard helps put our foot in the door for a lot of accounts as being able to protect against the latest security threats is a big selling point.”


The full portfolio of WatchGuard solutions – including multi-factor authentication (MFA), Wi-Fi and network security – allows Verteks to grow both its existing and potential customer base. Don refers to cyber security as a three-legged stool essential to any business – firewall protection, MFA, and Wi-Fi – and uses WatchGuard to fulfill those needs for his customers.

Verteks also offers flexible pricing on their services, allowing them to adapt to their customers’ various business needs. Don notes, “WatchGuard’s solutions work out perfectly for us since it helps us grow our customer base and even sell additional solutions to existing accounts. It’s always a relevant sale and we are proud to say we have been growing continuously year over year.”

Another benefit is Verteks’ relationship with WatchGuard’s sales and field support team as a Gold partner in the MSP partner program. Additionally, Verteks has taken part in WatchGuard’s annual partner conference, allowing them to share feedback directly to the WatchGuard team. “Every person we have interacted with at WatchGuard has been great. They truly listen to our feedback; it’s difficult to say that about any other vendor. The channel sales, marketing and support team have been wonderful – we really can’t survive without them,” Don comments.
Verteks is an avid user of WatchGuard’s technology integrations, particularly with ConnectWise. The integration with ConnectWise allows Verteks to have full visibility and active monitoring capabilities for their customers, enabling them to detect threats, create tickets and respond quickly in real time through instant alerts. Don explains, “The ConnectWise integration is one of the best sales tools we have from WatchGuard. It allows us to show, not tell, the activity that is flowing through our customers’ networks. We offer this as a service to our customers and can make revenue off this as a part of our business.”


WatchGuard’s full portfolio combined with world-class field support and critical technology integrations makes the Verteks and WatchGuard partnership a valuable one. Verteks has continuously grown their business year after year with the help of WatchGuard. “From the solutions and integrations to the local and technical support we’ve received, WatchGuard has always been there for us. We can attribute our growth as an MSP to WatchGuard and it wouldn’t be possible without them. Our partnership has been beneficial in providing top cyber security solutions to our customers, thanks to WatchGuard,” Don concludes.

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