Partner Success Story - Tik Security

Tik-Security Turns to WatchGuard as Its Primary Security Provider

Partner Challenge

When Tik Security of Mexico was founded, the company turned to WatchGuard Technologies as its primary vendor. Their engineering and commercial staff had previous experience with WatchGuard, so it quickly became their leading vendor of choice.

“We were confident in working with WatchGuard. WatchGuard is a brand at the forefront in many aspects, both technological and commercial, and the WatchGuardONE program offered us many benefits,” says Enrique Salgado Curiel, CEO.  

The Solution

“WatchGuard’s technology has always been at the forefront, which gives us the confidence to share it with our customers. The ease of migrating the configuration from one device to another means that demos and implementations are fast, greatly satisfying our customers. Additionally, the centralized console is very useful for customers who need to manage and monitor several pieces of equipment,” states Salgado.

“In a technical sense, WatchGuard has always tried to make its administration consoles as intuitive as possible, generating a friendly administration of the entire portfolio of solutions. And in a commercial sense, the MSSP program gave us a lot of flexibility and advantages in developing business.”

Salgado adds, “The security services implemented in WatchGuard’s firewall are the most-used product by our clients, specifically the Total Security Suite. With this suite, our clients are sure that in addition to having basic tools (IPS, Gateway AntiVirus, WebBlocker, and Application Control), they also have access to sophisticated tools such as APT Blocker, DNSWatch, Threat Detection and Response, and IntelligentAV. Other brands must sell multiple products to match the security features built into the single WatchGuard Total Security Suite.”

“Another essential product for our customers is RapidDeploy. Thanks to this solution, we have won many of our most important projects as this tool helps us activate or connect many teams in an extremely short time.”

Additionally, Salgado remarks, “Before WatchGuard offered MFA solutions and acquired Panda for strong endpoint protection solutions, we had to offer our clients other brands and sometimes work with different distributors. By increasing the range of solutions from WatchGuard, now we can deliver a consolidated service; most importantly, with the same quality and without resorting to complex solutions from other brands.”

The Results

Selling and marketing all WatchGuard products have generated many benefits for Tik Security. It has allowed them to offer their clients managed security services, ranging from endpoint to perimeter.

“The tools that WatchGuard provides allow us to supply protection that adapts to the different needs of users and the company’s various computer assets. Most importantly, it allows us to manage threats proactively and, thanks to the automated generation of reports, inform our clients of all these actions, generating peace of mind and the certainty that they have implemented the best security option,” says Salgado.

“Since our company was founded, our primary vendor has been WatchGuard; this has allowed us to grow steadily. We have always believed in the brand and it has always supported us. Consequently, we have had many wins. We were recognized as “New Partner of the year 2018” in LATAM, and we were fortunate to obtain the Latam “Project of the year 2019” award. These recognitions have strengthened us commercially. Our clients are confident they are working with a fully committed company with an excellent reputation.”

“Additionally, internally, our colleagues in the technical and commercial areas are committed to continued training and being up to date in the certification process, taking advantage of the guidance that WatchGuard offers in its training portal.”

Salgado concludes, “WatchGuard has allowed us to grow steadily, even in the past pandemic state. Commercial ventures have helped us maintain our company and even have significant growth.”

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