Partner Success Story - Tecnova Soluciones S.A

Empowering Tecnova’s Success In Cybersecurity With Unmatched Quality and Reliability

Partner Challenge

Before partnering with WatchGuard, one of the main challenges, Tecnova Soluciones S.A. faced as a company was providing a wide range of cybersecurity solutions to their clients. Often, their clients required customized solutions to meet their security needs, which was difficult to achieve with limited offerings. They also faced competition from companies that offered advanced and higher-quality security solutions.

While selecting a security provider, Tecnova evaluated several factors, including product quality, industry expertise, pricing value, and the ability to offer their clients comprehensive and customized security solutions.

Katherine Ramírez Barquero, Regional Sales Manager at Tecnova, said, “In our search for a cybersecurity provider, we prioritized finding a partner that offered high-quality solutions and had extensive experience in the IT security industry. Additionally, it was important that the products were accessible and offered good value in terms of pricing.”

“After an extensive search, we identified WatchGuard as the best ally for our security needs. Their wide range of security solutions, combined with their exceptional WatchGuardONE Program and highly competitive pricing, allowed us to offer our clients high-quality and affordable security solutions. Another aspect that caught our attention about WatchGuard was its ability to anticipate market changes and needs. With advanced solutions to address persistent threats and zero-day attacks, and a platform to integrate and correlate information from various systems, WatchGuard enables us to provide more effective and efficient security solutions to our clients,” added Ramirez.

The Solution

“Our partnership with WatchGuard began when their product offerings were primarily focused on firewalls. However, one of the key factors that led us to strengthen our positioning with WatchGuard was WatchGuard Cloud. This platform allows us to manage our clients’ security assets more efficiently, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. With WatchGuard Cloud, we can administer and monitor our client’s security devices from a single unified Cloud console. This synchronized security solution enables us to quickly detect and respond to threats in real-time, which is essential for maintaining our clients' security,” said Ramirez.

Additionally, having effective, unified Endpoint, Firewall, and MFA solutions managed from a single platform helps Tecnova address their clients’ challenges in managing cybersecurity with limited personnel. Ramirez added, “It has also significantly enhanced our services as an MSSP, allowing us not only to generate revenue from selling WatchGuard's cybersecurity products but also from a range of associated services delivered by our Tecnova team.”

Tecnova chose WatchGuardONE to train for higher certification levels making it easier to attain higher levels of sophistication and better service enhancement capabilities more quickly. “We have successfully achieved effective training from our sales and technical teams, thanks to WatchGuard's WatchGuardONE Program. The speed and efficiency with which our employees have adapted to WatchGuard's products have been key factors in our ability to provide quality service and added value to our clients. The knowledge and expertise of our technical and sales staff in WatchGuard's products have become one of our company's strengths,” said Ramirez.

“In addition to the WatchGuardONE Program and specialized technical support provided by WatchGuard, we have also noticed that the products are intuitive and user-friendly, facilitating the learning and adaptation process. As a result, we have implemented effective and reliable security solutions for our clients in record time,” added Ramirez.

The Results

“The strategic alliance between Tecnova and WatchGuard enables us to operate more efficiently with innovative proposals that address our clients’ current needs. WatchGuard offers highly competitive prices for markets like Latin America, where companies often have smaller budgets for cybersecurity compared to other areas in more developed countries. These prices allow us to maintain attractive profit margins and provide technical support and added value to our clients as part of a comprehensive solution proposal. We have also noticed sustained business growth due to the reliability and quality of WatchGuard's products and services, strengthening our reputation in the cybersecurity market,” said Ramirez.

“By using all of WatchGuard's products, we have experienced a significant improvement in security, integration, and automation of our solutions. Operational alignment has been key in achieving more efficient management of our clients, and adopting a zero trust security framework has strengthened our position in the cybersecurity market. Additionally, the advanced reporting provided by WatchGuard allows us to proactively monitor our clients' security and make informed decisions to enhance their security posture,” said Ramirez.

“We are also pleased to report that, throughout our almost ten years of experience in marketing WatchGuard, we have never had a major security incident with any client, which reinforces our confidence in the quality and effectiveness of WatchGuard's solutions,” concluded Ramirez.

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