Case Study - Sovannaphum Life Insurance

Life Insurance Company Ensures Their Security with WatchGuard


The Sovannaphum Life Insurance company was formed in 2015 as a joint venture be-tween Canadia Investment Holdings and Muang Thai Life Insurance Company Manulife Bank from Thailand. Today, Sovannaphum Life Insurance is committed to providing the best services to their customers, employees, shareholders and community. Sovannaphum Life Insurance prides itself on providing professional expertise and protection through various products that are tailored to fit their customers’ needs.

With 450 employees dispersed across two office locations as well as 280 remote employees, Sovannaphum Life Insurance needed a way to streamline their security between offices and remote access. Senghak Veng, IT Manager at Sovannaphum Life Insurance, says, “We were looking for a security solution that fits our budget and allows us to centrally manage our network in both locations as well as provide secure remote access to our employees.”


With the help of their partner, Positron, Sovannaphum Life Insurance worked with them to install the WatchGuard Firebox M200. Senghak mentions, “When we evaluated WatchGuard, we found their subscription pricing structure worked well for our business while allowing us to have the full control and reporting capabilities we need.” Plus, with Basic Security Suite, WatchGuard’s bundle of security services such as WebBlocker, Application Control, Gateway AntiVirus, Intrusion Prevention Service, and spamBlocker, Senghak feels confident that their network is protected on all fronts.

Senghak explains in greater detail the service they received from their partner, saying,“We had excellent service when we worked with Positron when setting up our WatchGuard solutions. Our partner not only gave us the support we needed but made the deployment easy. They showed us how to manage our solution, which conveniently is centralized in one location. They have been very helpful every step of the way.”

When the deployment was completed, it was easy to apply changes to their various locations. As Senghak notes, “Regarding the management of our solution, we can update the firewall policies when we see fit, and it applies the same standardization across our network. This allows us to easily scale if we are looking to expand our offices. Also, with an increasing number of remote employees, we want to make sure our employees are protected, no matter where they are located.”

Regarding a cost that meets their budget needs, Senghak describes, “Lastly, the affordability with WatchGuard’s subscription services were unbeatable. The flexibility in the way we can automatically renew and adjust as we see fit is one of the very many reasons why we chose WatchGuard. It’s comforting to know that we have advanced security at a price that works for our business.”


After implementing WatchGuard solutions with the help of their partner, Sovannaphum Life Insurance is now able to easily manage and monitor their network across their locations while staying within their budget. The ability to pull network reporting and make firewall policy changes has also saved time for Senghak’s team.

Senghak has found the subscription services to be helpful in managing their budget overall. Senghak mentions, “With WatchGuard solutions, our team has saved money without sacrificing quality. As a result, we get one secure, easy-to-use solution that is conveniently packaged and competitively priced. The subscription model has worked well for us and allows us the complete flexibility for when renewal time comes around.”

Monitoring and reporting are more effective using WatchGuard’s suite of services, which has saved time for Senghak’s team. Senghak concludes, “Full visibility into monitoring and reporting in our security solution has always been important to us. When we can see our solution block the latest security threats automatically, it saves us an incredible amount of time. With WatchGuard, we know our network is protected and the bonus of saving us time has helped us tremendously.”


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