Case Study - Selfit Academias

Fitness Facility Improves Its Security Health with WatchGuard


Selfit Academias, one of the largest chains of low-cost fitness facilities in Brazil, offers the most modern fitness equipment and training to its members for a reasonable price point. The fitness facility was founded in 2012 and is expanding its growth rapidly. Currently, with more than 60 locations, Selfit has an aggressive expansion plan for the next years.

With so many members using Selfit’s facility, Selfit needed a way to provide members with fast and secure Wi-Fi access. Selfit also wanted to have full visibility into Wi-Fi network usage in order to identify opportunities to expand their business while managing network usage for all of their sites in one location. After evaluating other security vendors such as Fortinet, Ruckus, and Ubiquiti, Selfit ultimately chose WatchGuard Firebox appliances and secure Wi-Fi because the products can scale with their business and provide the security they required. “We want to ensure our member’s data is protected over Wi-Fi. With WatchGuard, we can have peace of mind in data security, scalability and management,” said Paulo Raposo, IT director at Selfit Academies.


With a strong focus in providing secure and fast Wi-Fi to their members, Selfit made it a priority to install WatchGuard AP320 and AP325 Wi-Fi Access Points. With WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud enabled, Selfit has accessibility and management of the wireless networks in each of the locations. “We opted for the solution because it would ensure data security, high performance, visibility, and complete and centralized management,” commented Paulo.

For added network security, Selfit opted to deploy WatchGuard Firebox T35 appliances for each location. These appliances ensure that Selfit is protected against the latest network threats. “All of the WatchGuard appliances were incredibly easy to install in each of our many locations. Of course, we are planning to add more advanced network security services on our Fireboxes in the future,” noted Paulo.


With Wi-Fi Cloud enabled, Selfit has full visibility into their wireless network, which helps them manage multiple locations in one central platform. Not to mention, their Wi-Fi analytics help them understand their customer demographics to create engaging marketing campaigns and identify future business opportunities. In the future, Selfit plans to add more WatchGuard security services as their business grows. “What’s nice is that WatchGuard will scale with us in the future. The analysis is highly relevant for our business. And I look forward to adding more security solutions from WatchGuard as we grow,” concluded Paulo.

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