Partner Success Story - Next Genesis Technologies, S.A. DE C.V.

MSSP Grows Through a 20-Year Relationship With WatchGuard Solutions


Next Genesis Technologies’ journey with WatchGuard began twenty years ago. Before discovering WatchGuard, Next Genesis Technologies searched for a perimeter security solution to protect their company’s resources. They needed a solution that was easy to implement and simple to manage.

The need for perimeter security services was emerging at the time, but the implementation process was far from easy. “There wasn’t a wide selection available in the market, and we had to build everything from scratch using a Linux firewall. We had to create rules, and the administration was not user-friendly. There was no graphical interface. Those were the challenges we faced, and WatchGuard provided the solution in a single package,” said Raúl Mauricio Funes Rosales, CEO of Next Genesis Technologies.

The Solution

“WatchGuard was the first solution we encountered that integrated everything into a single platform. It offered a robust platform to integrate services as the Internet continued to evolve. For example, it provided application control, which was not available elsewhere at the time, Cloud-based web filtering, botnet detection, and more. With WatchGuard, we could easily implement the solution and move on to creating policies, monitoring incoming and outgoing Internet traffic, setting up VPNs, and more. The convenience and simplicity of WatchGuard’s integrated package allowed us to streamline our security processes and efficiently manage our network,” said Funes.

Reflecting on one of their first experiences with WatchGuard, Funes added, “One of our first clients was a hotel company with approximately 32 locations. We started by installing firewalls at their properties, and the client was extremely satisfied. The implementation process was quick, the deployment was non-intrusive, and the control and protection services were well-received for their visibility and network security. Given the success of these initial deployments and the client’s satisfaction, I had no hesitation when WatchGuard proposed a partnership.”

The Results

“Security event monitoring has always been one of the crucial aspects of our business, which WatchGuard has put much effort into. WatchGuard has consistently provided us with tools that give us accurate visibility at the perimeter. And this has evolved over time. For example, the introduction of Dimension marked a before and after in security event monitoring and reporting, and now with the integration of Cloud solutions and the XDR vision, this is further confirmed,” said Funes.

For Next Genesis, growing their business resulted from selecting the right solution for their business and the support they received. Funes added, “Commercially, our partnership with WatchGuard has helped us grow because our clients have always well-received the solution. With the support of WatchGuard through commercial and technical training, marketing materials, competitive information, whitepapers, campaigns, marketing funds, events, and more, we have always had a clear vision of the company’s direction and have been able to convey this message to end customers and our employees internally, resulting in steady growth for the company.”

“Additionally, WatchGuard has always maintained an excellent balance between price and functionality in its products. This is demonstrated, for example, by the low rate of RMAs we must process and the loyalty of customers who choose the solution, whether it’s hardware or software. This positions the brand and our company with an excellent reputation and trust, which is vital in this business,” said Funes.

Funes concluded, “Previously, we focused our commercial efforts on promoting the benefits of the firewall, its services, and its reports as the core of our products. However, in recent years, with the consolidation, integration, and alignment of services in the Cloud and the concept of Zero Trust and XDR, we can now speak of a comprehensive platform that provides unified security. This platform offers security and visibility from endpoints to the perimeter and for remote networks and users.”

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