Case Study - MicroSourcing

Business Services Provider Can Guarantee Tailor-Made Protection

With over 150 clients around the globe, MicroSourcing remains at the forefront of bridging the gap between the Philippines and the rest of the world through business process outsourcing. Since starting operations in 2006, it has become an established services provider that caters to the needs of foreign companies. As such, the nature of MicroSourcing requires a reliable and efficient security system that gives its clients the assurance of a protected and professional network they deserve.


For a global enterprise like MicroSourcing, there remains a need to protect its stakeholders from threats to security and productivity. With over 3,000 employees, management becomes an imminent challenge, especially with the emergence of various websites and applications which curtail the level of productivity in the workplace. Moreover, as cybercrimes continue to grow rampant in this day and age, MicroSourcing needs to be able to guarantee its clients a protected service that is tailor-made for their company’s needs, especially now that data is getting more exposed due to accessibility, explains Sameer Bhagat, VP for Information Technology Infrastructure and Services Group.


Combined simplicity and functionality was what drew MicroSourcing to select WatchGuard as their line of defense. Their product of choice, the WatchGuard XTM, is easy to configure and offers security functions that no other brand can offer. Its management interface is organized, and troubleshooting is not a problem with Dimension, its logging application that allows the company to see and filter real-time logs. Moreover, unlike other brands, there is no limit to the Virtual Local Area Networks WatchGuard can configure. In its effort to provide a customized service for their clients, MicroSourcing uses the application filtering feature which allows the company to block applications that are not necessary for its clients’ operations.


Having tried security brands Cyberoam, Fortinet, and Cisco, MicroSourcing has finally found a brand they can trust in WatchGuard. The company has been using it for over three and a half years, and so far, it has been working well for all of its stakeholders. In terms of savings, IT cost and expenses are reduced, for there is no need to hire people of a higher level of expertise to configure the product. Managing its operations is easier as there is a twenty to thirty percent increase in productivity among its employ¬ees. More importantly, clients are satisfied with their ability to implement policies suited for their operations. WatchGuard has certainly offered MicroSourcing all the quality protection it needs, and more.

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