Partner Success Story - Kayrasys Siber Guvenlik

Watchguard’s Unified Security Platform®Approach Fulfills Kayrasys’s Security Needs With an Integrated and Comprehensive Security Solution

Partner Challenge

Before Kayrasys Siber Guvenlik partnered with WatchGuard, they searched for a provider to bring security solutions together under one unified structure. Kayrasys was supplying their customers with products from different providers in a network of over 250 different companies in their portfolio, which included firewall, Wi- Fi, and endpoint security. Burak Yilmaz, General Manager of Kayrasys, said, “Considering the portfolio volume, the management of services provided by different providers was creating a serious workload. We aimed to functionalize the management of complex structures with the products we included in the WatchGuard portfolio and added to our service network.”

After researching and vetting different product partners, Kayrasys chose WatchGuard. Yilmaz commented, “The fact that WatchGuard provides ease of management by bringing together multiple services we offer to our customers on an integrated platform and that it includes comprehensive network security solutions in the market within its portfolio was a decisive criterion in the selection phase.”

The Solution

“Our first encounter with WatchGuard was with the EPDR solution. With the EPDR product, the management of endpoint and EDR software through a single agent in the same panel, the absence of any optimization problems through the portal – unlike other Cloud base management panel software – and the capabilities of EPDR made us, and then our customers, happy,” said Yilmaz.

Yilmaz added, “Our customers mostly use WatchGuard’s EPDR product. The EPDR solution, which combines two different technologies at a single point, has attracted great interest from our them. After many years of industry experience in the field of technology, it has been our top priority to provide the most suitable services for the needs of all our customers as a service integrator. Our mission is to adapt to changing technological needs and to offer world-recognized products that we trust. The WatchGuard family has been one of our safe harbors in this process and has helped us on our way to the highest level of success. Our customers are happy with the services they receive with WatchGuard, and we are happy to offer these services with WatchGuard assurance.”

Kayrasys first adapted WatchGuard EPP and EDPR solutions, but shortly after, they expanded their products and services to include Firebox firewalls, secure Wi-Fi, and AuthPoint products.

The Results

“Before working with WatchGuard, we faced problems such as stabilization issues, synchronization problems in the management panel, and issues with the endpoint consuming too many resources on client devices and negatively affecting performance. After our first meeting with the WatchGuard Endpoint family, we have eliminated all these issues,” said Yilmaz.

Yilmaz concluded, “The unique Unified Security Platform® approach is the most beneficial aspect of WatchGuard solutions for us. This innovative approach provides numerous network security benefits for our customers and us. Some of the advantages we have observed are as follows: WatchGuard’s Unified Security Platform® offers ease of management by combining multiple security features on a single platform, integrating various security components such as firewall, VPN, antivirus, spam filtering, web filtering, and more in one centralized management interface. This makes it easy to manage security components from a single point instead of managing them separately. In addition, WatchGuard’s unified approach is improving the user experience and optimizing our business processes. Comprehensive security solutions provide our customers with secure remote access.”

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