Partner Success Story - Gold Vois

WatchGuard Becomes the Core Security Solution for Office Communications Business


First established in 2006, Gold Vois started their business as a one-stop shop for a wide range of office communication solutions for enterprise and small-to-midsize businesses. They became a partner of Telekom Malaysia (TM) in 2006, the largest broadband and telecommunications services provider in Malaysia. This partnership was beneficial to Gold Vois’ growth, as the company has been awarded with many TM accolades since Gold Vois was established in 2006. Furthermore, Gold Vois is recognized as one of TM’s top performers for eleven consecutive years, since 2007. Gold Vois has since expanded its core business offerings to encompass a wide range of voice and network infrastructure solutions and services.

As Gold Vois continued to expand on their solutions and services, they saw a demand for a network security solution from their customers. That’s when Gold Vois turned to WatchGuard, due to its sales and technical support and affordable pricing for security solutions. Mr. Thong Teck Yoong, business owner and CEO of Gold Vois, explains, “We bundled WatchGuard products in our IPPBX and contact center solutions as most of our customers wanted security included in their network set-up. WatchGuard has an excellent portfolio of products at every price point. What has also been helpful is that WatchGuard has provided us with the training, technical support, certification and resources needed to succeed.”


Gold Vois currently offers WatchGuard Firebox appliances and Wi-Fi services to its customers. These solutions allow Gold Vois to bundle security services, at a reasonable price, with its IPPBX and call center offering to their customers. Additionally, the WatchGuard management interface and the configurations were easy for them to set up. Mr. Thong says, “We have been able to deliver high levels of security effectiveness at an affordable price to our customers by managing one or more Firebox appliances from a single management server and creating configurations that can be applied to other Fireboxes. Our customers have full visibility into their network so they can make timely and informed decisions about their network security with WatchGuard’s reporting solution, Dimension. From what we’ve been hearing, our customers are very satisfied with this feature.”

Another benefit that Gold Vois has received with their partnership with WatchGuard is the local sales and technical support. This partnership assists Gold Vois in taking advantage of promotions and winning more deals to help grow their business. “The WatchGuardONE program is flexible with excellent technical and sales support from the local teams. They assist with all aspects of pre- and post-sales activities with quick resolutions and excellent top-notch technical knowledge. We’ve evaluated other security vendors’ programs and the WatchGuardONE program was the best fit for our business needs since it offers deal registrations, incentives and promotions to help drive profits,” Mr. Thong mentions.


Since the partnership with WatchGuard, Gold Vois has been able to broaden their range of products and services for their customers that expands beyond just voice and network infrastructure solutions. Combined with WatchGuard’s easy-to-manage security products, Gold Vois feels confident they can offer effective security solutions backed by their supportive local WatchGuard team. Mr. Thong concludes, “We’ve been a WatchGuard partner since 2017 and the local team has been pivotal in our business growth. Today, WatchGuard is our core security solution in the company. That is due to a big thanks in both the usability and affordability in WatchGuard products and the continuous support we receive. We are looking to expand our security offering with WatchGuard and look forward to growing our business with WatchGuard’s solutions in mind.”

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