Case Study - Fulham Beach

Urban Beach Lounge Has the Safest Venue with WatchGuard


Fulham Beach Club – a truly urban beach lounge complete with cabanas, daybeds, beach huts and real sand – is the perfect place to rent or hang out during the hot summer days. The venue is located in Neverland, London and was initially established in 2017. Also known as the “jungle beach paradise,” Fulham Beach prides itself on delivering true escapism created through unique concepts, outstanding service, mouth-watering food and crafted drinks.

With the volume of transactions that Fulham Beach processes on a daily basis, the card machines and electronic point of sale (POS) systems on site must remain secure and compliant with global regulations. Additionally, Fulham Beach looks to provide the best experience for their guests by providing Wi-Fi access in a secure and responsible way. Because of this, Fulham Beach consulted with their managed security service partner (MSSP), Eat IT Drink IT, due to numerous glowing reviews from other POS providers in the hospitality industry. Rachel Hutson, owner and director at Fulham Beach, explains: “We used to use Cisco and they didn’t work well for our business. It was very difficult to support and access in general. WatchGuard allows us to remain compliant and secure at the same time.”


With Eat IT Drink IT’s expertise, Fulham Beach installed one WatchGuard Firebox T35 appliance and four AP325 Wi-Fi access points. Together, these WatchGuard solutions were the missing link that Fulham Beach needed in order to secure their network and to secure their network and meet stringent compliance requirements. As an added bonus, Fulham Beach was able to easily integrate with an existing 3rd party product that allows them to capture guest data to further grow their business. “With WatchGuard, we now have a managed Wi-Fi network across the entire site, which is a vast outdoor and semi-covered indoor space. Moreover, we have complete network monitoring and support via Eat IT Drink IT,” remarks Rachel.


Today, not only does Fulham Beach remain compliant with global regulations, but they also provide fast and secure Wi-Fi access to all their guests. The deployment and installation processes were smooth and were able to meet Fulham Beach’s business specifications. Since deployment, their WatchGuard solutions have been reliable and network-related issues have become non-existent. Due to the ease of deployment, Fulham Beach plans to add WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi Cloud management solution for pop-up locations in the future as the company grows. Rachel reflects, “We are looking for new sites and we would want to replicate the same level of durability and reliability we have at our existing site, so we have no hesitation using WatchGuard again.”

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