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Customer’s Profile

With 22 schools and a management unit for other units the friendly municipality Falköping lies in southern Sweden. Here it is good to be alive! They have a vision of the Good Life, and they take life issues seriously.

They want to enhance the welfare and well-being for their local residents. Throughout the countryside there is a rich culture and other things that make the inhabitants feel good.

In the center of Falköping there are many exciting construction projects in the pipeline and transportation makes it easy to commute to and from Falköping.


Ten years ago the Municipality of Falköping dealt with two different antivirus vendors; Norman for their schools and McAfee for the administration part. Glenn Sjögren, who was in charge of antivirus for schools then (now for both schools and administration) took the task to evaluate a new supplier among McAfee, F-Secure, Sophos and Panda. The price was key since the functionality did not differ much, and the choice fell on Panda, also improving the management part of the console as Sjögren experienced it as much simpler than the previous solution.

The product Falköping Municipality then got was called Panda AdminSecure and it worked well, could be installed with the installation package in their Novell ZENworks and the day-to-day work was running smoothly, although Sjögren remembers that he believed that the product was not really suited to large organizations such as theirs in every way.

Several years later Panda launched the equivalent product in the Cloud; Panda Endpoint Protection. Sjögren thought the solution was too costly initially; he did not feel that they got more for their money. However, prices were adjusted and it was after another year’s time that the Municipality of Falköping ran a test” Also, this time they used Novell ZENworks and it went “surprisingly well.” It was a smooth installation package, with a very small client that downloads the modules it needs.

“It was a boost since Panda came into the Cloud,” said Sjögren. It is secure, it is good, small and convenient and it is not noticeable, but still does its job. In addition, it is very good for such a distributed organization as Falköping Municipality with its 23 units to be able to centrally manage everything through the Cloud, regardless of where the administrator or the user are located


In the fall of 2014 Panda ran a road show in Jonkoping, where the new product Panda Adaptive Defense 360 was presented. Sjögren was interested, as this was something he had sought for a long time. Viruses are always attacking and if any attack is successful, the computer or server will be infected. Strong protection against execution makes all the difference. Now, with the Panda solution, malicious attacks are detected and blocked before they can do any damage, contributing to a significantly higher level of security.

The protection was initially only on Falköping Municipality servers, as the price was still a major issue. Although the protection was relatively expensive at that time, Sjögren saw it as money well spent considering the opportunity to stop malware. After a year, they fully switched to Panda because it worked so well in protecting all clients and servers.”


Falköping Municipality is a very satisfied customer and would not have stayed a Panda customer so long if they weren’t. “Sometimes, at the beginning of the learning period, it happened that an approved application might be blocked by Panda Adaptive Defense 360 because it was still unknown. When It happened with us, I explained to colleagues and users what would have been the alternative and everyone fully understood and felt that the blockages were okay. After a short period of time, there weren’t any more inappropriate blocks.” says Sjögren.

Benefits of Panda Adaptive Defense 360

  • EDR technology with complete protection against zero day attacks
  • Full EPP capabilities
  • Zero-Trust Application Service validates running processes
  • Mitigates script-based and fileless malware



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