Partner Success Story - dnAssist

dnAssist Partners with WatchGuard to Strengthen Customer Security and Boost Its Reputation

The Challenge

dnAssist is an Italian consultancy specialized in the management of on-premises and Cloud IT infrastructure. The company is based in Imola and works with customers throughout Italy. 

The company’s owners began their relationship with WatchGuard in the early 2000s, while working at other companies. Following the founding of dnAssist in 2011, this collaboration has strengthened and today the consultancy is a WatchGuard Gold partner.

When they were starting up, the sector experts who now run dnAssist saw a need to include a security vendor in their offering. They needed a vendor that could guarantee excellent performance, products that are easy to use, with straightforward management that feature intuitive monitoring tools, as well as competitive pricing. They wanted to partner with one security brand to cover their customers’ various needs.

The Solution

WatchGuard was chosen for various reasons. “WatchGuard was the right choice for us,” explains Nicola Spinelli, founding partner of dnAssist, “because of the quality and reliability of its firewalls, as well as its complete product range and competitive cost. And the WatchGuardOne channel partner program meant we could grow over time – the training courses are well structured and there is plenty to learn, even as independent study. From products, to documentation, to courses, everything from WatchGuard is intuitive.”

In more recent years, dnAssist has been one of the first to embrace the MSSP program, making the company’s growth even more scalable. It has also added WatchGuard’s MFA offering to its product range, consolidating all its acquired know-how with a single supplier.

The Results

Today, dnAssist operates as an MSSP, using WatchGuard’s Unified Security Platform to offer both network security solutions and multi-factor authentication with AuthPoint. 90% of services provided with WatchGuard are provided as an MSSP. dnAssist found that many customers were familiar with WatchGuard when the brand was suggested as a security vendor. The most commonly requested products are firewalls, followed by multi-factor authentication and DNS, web and APT Blocker subscription services.

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