Partner Success Story - CSTISA

MSSP Partner Reaches a Renewal Rate of Over 90%


When Consultores en Seguridad Tecnologica e Informatica (CSTISA) of the Dominican Republic started their operations in 2005, they only had endpoint solutions in their portfolio. They knew something else was needed to reinforce the security solutions they were offering to their clients. They realized they needed a perimeter solution that was effective and intuitive but at the same time easy to implement. “At our start, we only had a single manufacturer in endpoint protection, but we needed a manufacturer with a perimeter solution. We contacted several vendors, but only WatchGuard showed interest in partnering with us and supporting us,” says Angel Chaljub, general manager at CSTISA.

The Solution

“WatchGuard allowed us to cover our focus sector of SME successfully. The licensing features, adjustment to budgets, support, and ease of use, among others, were crucial factors that allowed us to grow continuously, increasing our client portfolio and their satisfaction,” says Chaljub. As a resolution to CSTISA’s missing perimeter products, CSTISA created several bundles of WatchGuard equipment and services now offered to their clients. CSTISA currently sells WatchGuard Network Security, AuthPoint MFA, Endpoint Security, Secure Wi-Fi, WatchGuard Cloud, and Unified Security Platform.

But it’s not just the technology that stands out to CSTISA. “The fact that WatchGuard showed interest in our partnership request, regardless of our size in 2005, allowed us to confirm the degree of WatchGuard’s commitment to the channel. To us, personal relationships are important and valuable,” says Chaljub.

“A company that doesn’t solely focus on a commercial relationship, as is the case with WatchGuard and its team, convinced us that we made the best decision. Further, our communication with WatchGuard has been a huge differentiator many vendors don’t have.”

Additionally, Chaljub remarks, “Our onboarding process was extremely simple. Our history with WatchGuard began through sales and technical training within the partner portal and an introduction to sales techniques. The support was constant from day one.”

The Results

“We have been recognized as a partner with a renewal rate of more than 90%, which is indicative of the satisfaction of our customers both with our services and with our manufacturer,” Chaljub continues. “WatchGuard currently represents almost 50% of our annual revenue.”

“The WatchGuardONE program has allowed us to obtain co-op funds for marketing, rebates, and training, differentiators that have marked our continuous growth without neglecting transparent and constant communication with the leading executives of the brand,” concludes Chaljub. “To this day, WatchGuard is the only manufacturer of firewalls in our portfolio. It’s been 17 years of a relationship that grew steadily.”

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