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Clearview Group Adopts AuthPoint Total Identity Security for Unified, Scalable Protection Solutions


 As a full-service management consulting and CPA firm, Clearview Group has diversified offerings with a Managed IT Services division that drives comprehensive, forward-thinking security solutions for its clients. Beyond traditional accounting and Managed IT Services, Clearview provides a wide array of advisory services including Risk Advisory, Accounting and Finance, State and Local Tax, Audit, Income Tax, IPO Support, Workiva Technology Implementation, and ESG Advisory. Many companies face ongoing challenges with identity-related cyber breaches. Attackers often exploit weaknesses in password practices, lack of multi-factor authentication, and other vulnerabilities to target user credentials. 

Unauthorized access poses a growing risk: weak or reused passwords make it easier for attackers to compromise user accounts, leading to potential data breaches. Plus, cybercriminals sell stolen credentials on the dark web or use them to gain unauthorized access to other accounts. 

It’s no secret that without strong password policies and management, unauthorized individuals are more likely to gain access to sensitive systems, applications, and data. And Clearview is responding to clients actively looking to strengthen their security infrastructure by incorporating user-centric solutions. 


Clearview focuses on choosing security vendors that align with their values of service, excellence, and trust. When the opportunity came, and their client was looking to implement a password manager, despite the client having a vendor in mind, Clearview stepped in with an AuthPoint Total Identity Security proposal as a better fit. Product differentiators, cost, and a better integration posture with other existing solutions made WatchGuard the right vendor for this deal. Matt Cooke, Director of IT Operations at Clearview, said, “We’re huge believers in practicing what we preach. That’s important to us so that not only do we have the experience in the product, but also, we’re out there behind the product that we use as well, making it easier to speak to and trust in.” 

With WatchGuard’s AuthPoint Total Identity Security solutions, Clearview has expanded its managed identity security services. This strategic growth initiative ensures that small and midsize businesses benefit from a comprehensive security framework, beginning with robust credentials management.

Since the deployment, WatchGuard’s AuthPoint solutions have enhanced Clearview’s internal efficiencies while elevating its customers’ security posture.


By deploying AuthPoint Total Identity Security, Clearview has strengthened the protection it offers while improving operational efficiency, user convenience, and compliance with industry regulations. It is a proactive measure to mitigate the risks associated with compromised credentials and unauthorized access. 

Password managers generate and store complex, unique passwords for each account, reducing the risk of weak or easily guessable passwords. This enhances overall security by making it harder for attackers to gain unauthorized access. Plus, having multi-factor authentication (MFA) with push notifications also provides a fundamental layer of security that Clearview’s customer did not have in place. 

Highlighting additional success, Mr. Cooke added, “WatchGuard as a platform is made to scale. That has been our experience, with a very quick-to-learn approach from a technical standpoint. You don’t have to have a Cisco Certified Network Associate or any type of certification like that, and although it does require some certifications, it’s more inclusive and allows our technicians to step into these roles more easily. WatchGuard has a trust value to it that alleviates tensions for me. We trust WatchGuard and don’t feel nickeled and dimed by costs.” 

Clearview’s ambition to be at the forefront of its industry is evident in its proactive approach to adopting new products. Their drive to become leading providers is reflected in their strategic decisions. With the introduction of innovative products like Total Identity Security, Clearview earned a well-deserved spot among the top service providers who embraced these cutting-edge solutions within the launch quarter. This success is a testament to Clearview’s dedication to staying ahead in the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity and consistently delivering unparalleled service to its clients.

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