Case Study - CamGSM

Telecommunications Company Calls on WatchGuard for Security


CamGSM Co. Ltd. is Cambodia’s longest-serving telecommunications company with more than 20 years of operation and a customer base of more than three million subscribers. Under the trademark of CamGSM, Cellcard is the leading and only Cambodian-owned mobile company offering a wide range of service innovations for voice, messaging, international roaming services, wireless broadband and value-added services. Since 2017, Cellcard has been focused on providing Cambodia with the fastest and widest 4G LTE network. Fast forward to today, Cellcard has more than 2,000 retail locations and is now in the process of advancing its 5G connections across the country.

As CamGSM began expanding its Cellcard locations, it became apparent that they needed a security solution that could scale with their business. Vibol Kang, IT manager at CamGSM explains, “Our company has been growing rapidly and we have over 600 employees today. Our IT department has one data center and we have been using Cisco, but there were limitations on the features and infrastructure requirements. Because of this, we evaluated a few security vendors including Fortinet, Cisco, and WatchGuard. In the end, we found that WatchGuard was the only vendor that met our requirements in providing our required infrastructure, easy manageability, and offered the best pricing for our company.”


With the help of CamGSM’s partner, Positron, they were able to install the WatchGuard M570 Firebox appliance, complete with the bundle of advanced security services known as Total Security Suite. “The M570 Firebox appliance was easy to install, thanks to our partner, Positron. Positron was a critical part of implementation. They understood our needs from the beginning and were supportive and easy to talk with. Most of all, they were there for every step of the way and this is not something you always get when you work with a security partner,” says Vibol.

With the new M570 Firebox installed, there were also many security services that CamGSM took advantage of in the Total Security Suite, particularly when it came to policy management. Vibol notes, “In the Total Security Suite, we use Intrusion Prevention Service, Application Control, Gateway AntiVirus, spamBlocker, WebBlocker, Data Loss Prevention, APT Blocker and Threat Detection and Response. These services help us keep our network secure and increases productivity of our IT team. Additionally, it was easy for us to implement policies across the board using one interface.”


As CamGSM begins to expand its Cellcard locations across Cambodia, they rely on WatchGuard to help scale their business. Vibol mentions, “As an operational benefit, we have seen increased productivity in not only our IT team but our employees across the company as well. For our IT team, we can manage our network from one single interface, allowing us full visibility and control of our network traffic. As for the rest of our employees in the company, using WebBlocker to implement content filtering has been the key into increasing productivity across the board.”

“We have peace of mind now with our WatchGuard solution, no matter how many locations or employees we add to the network. Our company is growing rapidly, especially with our newly introduced 5G connections with Cellcard. WatchGuard has been a reliable solution for our entire company, and we have comfort knowing that WatchGuard checks all our boxes when it comes to network security. With how easy it was to implement WatchGuard, we won’t hesitate in adding more solutions in the future,”Vibol concludes.

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