Case Study - Aylin White

For Recruiting Firm, APT Blocker Is Best Candidate for the Job


Aylin White is one of the UK’s leading recruiting companies, specializing in building contracting, sub-contracting, and consulting. Focused on delivering the highest quality results possible, Aylin White insists on meeting with each and every candidate they place, helping leave no doubts that they are putting the right person into the right job. Aylin White aims to become the number one construction recruitment firm for quality of candidate and opportunity.

For Simon Perdoni, director at Aylin White, enabling staff with all of the tools needed for success is critical, not least of all when it comes to the security of their network operations. “We wanted to make sure that our staff were able to securely access the Internet in the office and for management to access remotely if need be. With lots of threats around on the Internet and staff who are recruitment consultants first – and not IT security experts – we wanted to make sure that people did not download unexpected content by accident. In the past we have had quite a few problems with malware on computers so this was number one on the list to secure.”


Prior to WatchGuard, Aylin White used a very basic router that failed to provide the security measures they so needed. The company decided to look for alternative solutions, in Simon’s words, “mainly to allow for a good level of security at the Internet gateway level. We wanted ‘belts and braces’ with our security so that the desktop virus scanner was not our only line of defense.” Deploying a Firebox M200 in the spring of 2016, Aylin White received all of the security “belts and braces” their network needed, and then some. “We liked the fact that WatchGuard gave us a comprehensive security solution in one box.”

With firewall throughput speeds upwards of 3.2 Gbps, the M200 ensured that Aylin White staff would never need to worry about slow Internet access affecting work. To ward off the potential for malware attacks, the company enhanced their firewall with a WatchGuard APT Blocker subscription. The cloud-based service uses a combination of sandboxing and full system emulation to detect and block highly sophisticated Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs,) effectively making zero-day malware a thing of the past for Aylin White. In addition to the APT Blocker service, subscriptions for Reputation Enabled Defense, Intrusion Prevention Service, Application Control, Gateway AntiVirus, and WebBlocker were also added to the firewall, further bolstering the protection of the M200 with layered defense in depth.

To provide secure Wi-Fi access throughout their offices, Aylin White deployed AP200 units, powerful wireless access points that extend the protection of their M200 throughout their wireless network, allowing staff to securely connect their mobile devices and laptops.


Aylin White has found that the increased security and performance of their network has resulted in an increase in productivity as well, allowing staff to focus their attention on their work, rather than network issues or downtime. “The office has been well-protected against security threats, so our consultants spend more of their time on the job. WatchGuard gives us good security on many levels and without fuss. It just works.”

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