Case Study - Airbus

Customer’s Profile

Secure Land Communications develops, installs and maintains private radiotelephony systems (PMR) with cutting edge radio equipment technology to customers all over the world.

Secure Land Communications is the European leader in the private mobile radio sector, at second place in the world with more than 280 networks in 74 countries.

Airbus Defence and Space is a division of the Airbus that emerged after bringing together Cassidian, Astrium and Airbus Military activities. This new division is the number one in the European space and defense sectors and number two worldwide in the space sector.

It is also one of the ten most important defense companies in the world. Its approximate annual turnover is €14,000 million, with a workforce of around 40,000 employees.


The Department of Secure Land Communications, at the Airbus division of Defense and Space develops, installs and maintains private radiotelephony systems (PMR) with cutting- edge radio technology to customers all over the world. The relationship with Panda is long-standing: We have been using Panda solutions in our platforms since 2003. At that time, we chose them because their technology consumed fewer resources in our endpoints and permits temporary local management to perform compliance tests.”

For Jean-Yves Andreoletti, Systems and Network Integration, Validation, and Maintenance Platform Engineer, there are several reasons one should renew existing technology.

  • Opening up the computer system: “We decided to migrate to the new Adaptive Defense 360 solution because certain internal and external needs (connecting with partners, timely Internet access needs, etc.) forced us to open access to our network abroad.”
  • Reinforcing access protection: “Our maintenance and integration-validation platforms are used by various partners, some of whom are returning from field missions with unprotected removable media. We decided to protect ourselves against a potentially risky situation by strengthening our current antivirus protection. Since these platforms also reflect what our clients have, we must protect them as best as possible.”
  • Auditing application security: “Submitting our own software developments to this type of audit service allows us to validate the entire set of applied solutions and eliminate potential errors , because our customers increasingly demand that we validate the totality of our solutions through an antivirus.”
  • Remediating tools: The need for a solution that automatically disinfects all affected computers to ensure high availability of the machines during testing or maintenance tasks.


Since they already used Panda Endpoint Protection, the viability analysis was performed for one week in a dozen machines before completing the migration of all the IT environment.

After the tests were completed, the solution was validated and a global deployment plan was launched in the users’ infrastructure with the assistance of Panda’s support team.

“We were able to deploy the new solution gradually without interrupting our users’ work or production activities,” explains Jean-Yves Andreoletti. “The help provided by Panda’s technicians during the migration phase brought us great peace of mind during the implementation of the solution. We identified some false positives in internally developed applications, but that did not affect the productivity or stability of the targeted machines. For the rest, we have not received any negative comments about the internal implementation of Adaptive Defense 360, which shows that our users have received it favorably.”


The main advantages Airbus observed since their migration to Adaptive Defense 360:

  • The solution’s different operating modes offer us the maximum level of protection for our servers (DNS, DHCP, AD controller, etc.) and provide us with more flexibility in terms of the security level of the machines used by the people in charge of the tests.
  • The protection of our virtual machines.Compatibility with Linux OS that is installed on our network.
  • Better Internet access management by means of the filtering feature offered by Panda.
  • The ability to effectively prevent targeted and zero day attacks, as well as ransomware, through a comprehensive audit of its origin and its running process.
  • Reduces response and investigation time thanks to Panda Adaptive Defense 360 prevention, detection, and response capabilities by providing information to thoroughly investigate each attack attempt and tools to mitigate its effects (disinfection).
  • Access to SIEM software to study the different processes running on the machines. Ability to check outbound connections in order to have real-time visibility into the activity in our entire IT infrastructure.
  • Possibility of receiving daily or weekly status, detection and threats reports, notified by the agent of the solution by means of the admin console.



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