Case Study - Aciturri Aeronautica

Customer’s Profile

Aciturri designs complex aero structures for the leading aeronautical constructors. The Company has 1,100 employees and workplaces in Andalusia, Madrid, Castile-Leon and the Basque Country, it participates in reference programs in the sector: A350XWB, B737, A380, A400M. In the last few years, Aciturri has sustained its growth and consolidated its position as a first level supplier tier-1 in the aeronautical market.

To sustain that commitment, Aciturri has launched a number of initiatives. In 2011 we received the prize for best HR management that is awarded annually to the most innovative organizations by the Human Resources Network. Aciturri starts its activity in 1977, manufacturing metallic components for different sectors. Since then it has experienced an important growth, both endogenous and through the acquisition of specialized companies in different technologies.

Today Aciturri integrates all necessary processes in order to offer the customer a completely finished product: design and calculation, process engineering, tool design and manufacturing, manufacturing of metal components and composite materials, subassembly, and final integration.


Aciturri is a first level supplier of aeronautical structures — horizontal and vertical rudders, wing components, airframe components, etc. — for leading OEMS: Airbus, Boeing and Embraer. At the same time, the company also operates as an engine starter business, manufacturing components for major projects for leading firms: SNECMA, Rolls Royce and CFM International. Aciturri’s value chain encompasses everything from the component design until the end client support and commissioning, and incorporates the development of engineering applied to manufacturing processes and through different technologies, both metal and composite materials. The company, founded in 1977, employees 1,313 people and ended 2015 with a turnover of €219 million.

Currently Aciturri participates as a subcontractor for major projects for leading construction groups in the sector: Airbus (A320, A350, A380, A400M or Beluga XL), Boeing (B787), Embraer (KC390) or Dassault (Falcon 7X). Aciturri must guarantee complete protection against computer attacks and other potential problems that could threaten their organization’s information and their business continuity.


Aciturri has multiple security solutions, implemented in different layers, which provides our data and systems with a high level of protection. A strategic decision of Aciturri is to continue increasing information security, paying close attention to targeted attacks and unknown threats from the Internet or from our internal network. One of our main challenges is to achieve these goals, regardless of the client’s location, without needing perimeter structures that they may need when the user is teleworking or because of labor mobility.


In order to obtain the best possible solution, Aciturri conducted a market analysis to assess the different options available. Panda Adaptive Defense 360 proved to be the best solution to fit our business needs. The TEST environment activation process to test the solution is very simple and in a few minutes our network was completely protected with Panda Adaptive Defense 360.


With Adaptive Defense 360, Aciturri has succeeded in having real-time visibility of all running processes in all the devices in the company, regardless of their location. Before any malicious or potentially dangerous application can run, Adaptive Defense 360 forces them to pass through a detailed analysis based on Panda’s Zero Trust and Threat Hunting Services. This guarantees that our information is protected. In addition to that, the solution provides a detailed behavior report of every analyzed process, which allows us to perform a forensic analysis in case it is necessary. Nowadays, Aciturri is very pleased with our decision to protect our network and data with Panda Adaptive Defense 360.

Main Benefits

Information is a strategic asset for Aciturri. Thanks to Adaptive Defense 360, our data is effectively protected against unknown threats and targeted attacks.

  • Complete protection for workstations and servers
  • Immediate response to targeted and zero day attacks
  • Maximum protection even on mobile
  • Advanced forensic analysis
  • Light and transparent protection for the end user
  • Qualified staff available to respond immediately to possible targeted and zero day attacks



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