AuthPoint MFA Competitive Validation Report

WatchGuard MFA Delivers Greater Performance in Both Authentication and Deployment Experiences

Miercom, a leading independent organization that focuses on product testing in the tech industry, has granted WatchGuard’s AuthPoint MFA solution the Performance Verified certification. This competitive assessment was conducted by Miercom to test AuthPoint and validate its usability and performance in comparison with two similar solutions: Cisco Duo and Azure MFA.

The test criteria focused on the key features that demonstrate optimal user and admin experience for those enabling multi-factor authentication. The test framework included tests in the following solution areas:

  • Authentication Methods
  • Provisioning and User Experience
  • Deployment Efficacy
  • Security and Risk-Based Authentication
  • Total Cost of Ownership
Based on our findings, WatchGuard AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication Solution proved competitively superior in authentication, provisioning, deployment, and security testing, earning the Miercom Performance Verified certification in recognition of its high TCO value, user-friendly, and effective MFA capabilities.
Robert Smithers, CEO, Miercom

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Comparative Test Preview

WatchGuard AuthPoint Cisco Duo Microsoft Azure
5.1 Time-Based OTP (TOTP)
5.2 Offline Multi-Factor Authentication
5.3 Push-Based Authentication
5.4 Pull Authentication
5.5 Secure Hardware Token
6.1 Token Provisioning
6.2 User Synchronization
6.3 Mobile Token Enrollment
6.4 Secure Migration
6.5 Mobile App Ease of Use
7.1 Ease of Deployment
7.2 Configuration Wizards
7.3 Single Sign-On (SSO)

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