WatchGuard System Manager (WSM) Licensing

Every WatchGuard Firebox, XTM, or XTMv customer can use WatchGuard System Manager (WSM) to configure and manage a single device without a WSM license. To take advantage of the centralized management capabilities of WSM, a WatchGuard System Manager license is required. WSM licenses are included with the purchase of most Firebox and XTM devices. With a WSM license, you can:

  • Install and use the WatchGuard Management Server
  • Centrally manage multiple Firebox or XTM devices
  • Use drag-and-drop VPN configuration and management

WSM License Types

There are two types of WSM licenses that enable you to centrally manage your WatchGuard Firebox or XTM devices.
All licenses require activation prior to use.

No. License Type Description Supported devices
1 Base License
  • Allows you to manage up to four (4) devices
  • Base Licenses cannot be combined
Included free with most Firebox, XTM, and XTMv devices*
2 Upgrade Pack
  • Available in these sizes: 5, 25, 50 and 100
  • Allows you to manage up to 5, 25, 50 and 100 devices depending on the size of the Upgrade Pack purchased
  • 5-device Upgrade Pack is included free with some devices*
  • Available for purchase for all devices

*For a detailed list, see the section on WSM Licensing by Model

WSM Licensing by Model

As outlined in the subsequent table, the number of devices that can be managed for free with these licenses varies based on the device model.
To manage additional devices, you can purchase an Upgrade Pack license.


WSM Licenses Included with Current Firebox or XTM Devices

Model Base License Free Upgrade Pack
Firebox T15 0 0
Firebox T20 0 0
Firebox T35 0 0
Firebox T40 0 0
Firebox T55 0 0
Firebox T70 4 0
Firebox T80 0 0
Firebox M200 4 0
Firebox M270 4 0
Firebox M370 4 0
Firebox M440 4 0
Firebox M470 4 0
Firebox M570 4 0
Firebox M670 4 0
Firebox M4600 4 0
Firebox M4800 1 0
Firebox M5600 4 0
Firebox M5800 1 0
XTM 800 Series 4 5
XTM 1500 Series 4 5
XTM 2520 4 5


WSM Licenses Included with XTMv (virtual) Editions

XTMv Model Base License Free Upgrade Pack
Small Office 0 0
Medium Office 1 5
Large Office 1 5
Datacenter 1 5