AuthPoint Walk-Throughs

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Take a virtual tour of AuthPoint

It’s easy to protect your accounts and information with AuthPoint multi-factor authentication (MFA). See for yourself why so many customers are switching to AuthPoint by trying one of the AuthPoint demos below.

  • No downloads or installations required
  • No form to fill out
  • Quick, simulated experience
  • Interactive, realistic environment

Click on one of the AuthPoint experiences below to get started.

Log in to your laptop securely with AuthPoint

Want to see what it's like to use AuthPoint MFA on your laptop? AuthPoint adds a layer of protection beyond just a simple username and password with a quick two-step process. You start by logging in as usual. Then you are prompted to authenticate with AuthPoint by selecting one of the three authentication methods of your choice: push notification, QR code, or a one-time password.

Protect your employees’ PC or Mac logons

Employee PC & server logon is when an employee logs into a device, such as their company laptop, as shown in the above demo. This is most often done with a username and password, which can leave the user vulnerable to a hack. By adding MFA to those logons, you can secure the sensitive information that may be on the device. The process is simple: configure the logon app, download it, and then install it on the laptops you want to protect.

Secure a Cloud application

Protect the information in your Cloud applications by securing them with AuthPoint. AuthPoint integrates with an extensive list of Cloud applications such as Office 365, AWS, Dropbox, Salesforce, Adobe, and others. Securing them is simple: configure your 3rd party app using one of our integration guides, configure the logon app, then assign the app to a user group.

Set up a secure single sign-on (SSO) portal

The combination of AuthPoint and secure SSO provides businesses with a convenient and secure means to prevent cyber attacks. It makes logons easier for users, simplifies credential management for IT admins, and enables IT admins to determine which users have access to which resources. You can create an SSO portal in just a few steps, then add the Cloud apps of your choice.

“AuthPoint delivers on the promise of MFA by limiting the business risk associated with poor passwords without compromising on ease of use for employees and IT staff alike. Everything in a Cloud service – with no hardware to install and software to maintain…MFA is now considered core protection, and it comes from WatchGuard hassle-free.”

Tom Ruffolo, CEO, eSecurity Solutions

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