On-Premises Management & Visibility

On-Premises Security Built for Today's Threats

WatchGuard Dimension and WatchGuard System Manager are on-premises security solutions for centralized management, policy enforcement, and comprehensive network visibility across your Firebox appliances. These solutions cater to both small and large-scale deployments, providing basic to advanced features like logging, reporting, security assessments, and vulnerability scanning, allowing you to maintain a strong security posture and gain valuable insights into your network health.

Centralized Management

Dimension and System Manager simplify configuration, deployment, and monitoring across your network while managing multiple WatchGuard Fireboxes.

Policy Management

Our on-premises tools enable the creation, deployment, and enforcement of consistent security policies across all your Fireboxes, ensuring a standardized security posture.

Logging and Reporting

System Manager provides basic reports, while Dimension offers advanced features like customizable reports, log correlation, and historical data analysis for deeper security insights.

Network Visibility

These tools provide comprehensive network visibility, allowing you to monitor traffic, identify potential threats, and troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Security Assessments

To help identify and address security risks, System Manager offers basic features, while Dimension is more advanced with vulnerability scanning and compliance reporting.


Scalable for different network sizes, System Manager suits smaller deployments, while Dimension is better suited for managing larger and more complex networks.

Choosing the Right Tool

WatchGuard Cloud and on-premises solutions each have unique benefits for different organizational needs. WatchGuard Cloud facilitates easy setup, central management, and auto-updates – ideal for simplified management and scalability. On-premises solutions provide greater control and customization, suiting organizations with strict data privacy or unique requirements. Your choice depends on priorities, technical expertise, and desired control levels. Many businesses utilize both, with WatchGuard Cloud for current and recent logs (e.g., past 30 days) and Dimension for older logs.

WatchGuard Cloud Dimension On-Premises
Included with Basic Security Suite
Included with Total Security Suite
Dashboards & Reports 100+ 100+
Log Search Rate Accelerated Standard
Time to Run Reports Fast (uses AWS Elasticsearch) Optimized for local hardware
Infrastructure Costs  
Multi-Tier, Multi-Tenant  
Alerts & Notifications Advanced alert system included Simple alerts
Dimension Command   Yes, as an upgrade
Device Health *
License Status *
Policy Usage Reports *
Search Engine Reporting  
Top-Level View of Security Statistics  
Separation of Customer Data  

*Requires Dimension Command 

To determine the best option for your business, reach out to your local WatchGuard representative for personalized guidance and assistance in making the right decision.