WatchGuard Data Control

Real-time Data Visibility, Control and Monitoring in One Product

Today it is more critical than ever for organizations to secure endpoints and their data to prevent data breaches and unauthorized access to personal and sensitive information. WatchGuard Data Control provides essential components for data protection regulation compliance like GDPR. It does not require installation or infrastructure and helps IT admins deal with personal and sensitive data privacy, access and use.

Key Features

Discover and understand unstructured personal and sensitive data
Establish security and access policies to control data access and use
Analyze the impact of a personal data breach and adjust corporate policies
Dive down into data for advanced analytics and investigations
Have automatic discovery, classification and audit files with personal identifiable information (PII)
Rely on customizable alerts of anomalies like potential data leaks or inappropriate user access to sensitive data

You Cannot Protect What You Cannot See

WatchGuard Data Control automatically identifies files with personal data as well as the users, workstations, and servers in your organization that are storing and accessing PII. Enables data protection specialists to supervise unstructured personal data like IDs, email, bank account numbers, social security numbers, and more on endpoints. It is an excellent fit for SMBs that don’t have the resources, expertise and budget to manage DLP-like solutions and helps the data protection officer comply with personal data regulations.

Discover and Monitor Personal and Sensitive Data Across Your Endpoints

WatchGuard Data Control simplifies the management of personal and sensitive data protection and provides visibility to where this is at all times. WatchGuard Data Control is designed to help organizations to understand the context of how data is being used by correlating data sensitivity, the users accessing the data, and the requested action. Its powerful engine allows admins to find any file in the organization with data susceptible to control to enforce corporate data policies and block inappropriate access or use.

Control the Risk of Data Leaks of Personal or Sensitive Data

80% of breaches in 2020 included records containing customer PII at an average cost of $150 per record. WatchGuard Data Control monitors and detects uncontrolled access, use, and transmission of your company's personal and sensitive data. It helps you simplify proactive measures implementation to prevent access to PII with the help of reports and real-time alerts on the unauthorized or suspicious tampering and exfiltration of personal data files.
GDPR Ready badge: Blue circle with red check mark at the bottom

Meet Data Privacy Compliance Goals

Demonstrate control of PII required for regulations like GDPR and set policies about the use of this critical information to strengthen data privacy and enforce protection mechanisms. WatchGuard Data Control helps you protect personal and sensitive information from unauthorized access and use while enabling appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the proper defense of your systems.

41% of technology leaders polled consider exfiltration of personally identifiable information one of the leading security risks they are most concerned about affecting their organization in 2022.

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