ConnectWise Integration

Simplified, Automated Security Management

WatchGuard + ConnectWise

With the WatchGuard and ConnectWise certified integration, MSPs are equipped with the power of enterprise-grade security that is easy to manage, as well as scalable across all their customers. Synchronize WatchGuard security asset information, automate agent deployments, launch on-demand endpoint scans, set configurations, auto generate service tickets with closed-loop ticketing of system, security, and subscription events, and deliver on-demand security service reports straight from ConnectWise. MSPs now have one trusted source for all their managed security service needs.


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Deliver Advanced Endpoint Security

Deploy, Manage, and Monitor Endpoint Security

WatchGuard delivers comprehensive endpoint security, visibility, and management solutions that empower MSPs to leap ahead of the pack in an increasingly competitive marketplace. WatchGuard’s integration with ConnectWise streamlines daily workflows and tasks, reducing the time MSPs spend managing clients' security and making it easier to manage a large number of accounts efficiently. Together, these powerful solutions boost your staff’s productivity by removing manual tasks and blocking malware that puts your clients’ businesses at risk.

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Auto Synchronization of Asset Information

Know Your Customers’ Security

Greatly reduce manual upkeep of asset information while gaining unparalleled visibility into your customers’ security through automated synchronization with WatchGuard security appliances, including subscription start and end dates, device serial numbers, OS versions, and much more. Now you have all the security service information you need at your fingertips.

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Integrated, Closed-Loop Service Ticketing

Track Issues with Service Ticketing Made Easy

Enable ConnectWise service tickets for WatchGuard security solutions, and then configure event thresholds on a wide range of parameters identified per device, including security services, device statistics, and subscription statuses. Event thresholds automatically trigger the creation and closure of service tickets, closing tickets when issues are resolved as well as reducing the number of false alarms. To eliminate ticket flooding and provide trending visibility into a customer’s security, the same ticket reopens if the issue returns, rather than creating multiple tickets.

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