Autotask Integration

Simplifying Managed Security Services

WatchGuard + Autotask

With the WatchGuard-Autotask certified integration, managed service providers (MSPs) can simplify and automate their network security management. Synchronize WatchGuard security asset information for consolidated visibility of your customers’ appliances and services, as well automatically generate service tickets with closed-loop ticketing of WatchGuard system, security, and subscription events – straight from the Autotask interface.


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Illustration: Auto Synchronization

Auto Synchronization of Asset Information

Know Your Customers’ Security
Greatly reduce the manual upkeep of your customers’ security information while gaining unparalleled visibility through automated synchronization with WatchGuard Firebox appliances, including subscription start and end dates, device serial numbers, OS versions, and more. No longer should a managed network go unprotected because of incorrect or outdated information.

Illustration: Closed-Loop Service Ticketing

Integrated, Closed-Loop Service Ticketing

Track Issues with Service Ticketing Made Easy
Enable Autotask service tickets for WatchGuard Firebox appliances, and then configure event thresholds on a wide range of parameters identified per appliance, including security services, device statistics, and subscription statuses. Event thresholds automatically trigger the creation and closure of service tickets, closing tickets when issues are resolved, while eliminating ticket flooding by reopening the same ticket if an issue returns.

Product Integrations for Smarter Security

WatchGuard partners with industry-leading technology companies to develop tight integrations for stronger security, easier deployments, and better interoperability in your IT environments. From authentication products and service management platforms, to visibility solutions and cloud services, WatchGuard has you covered, and we continually partner with new companies to offer the most desired and innovative integrations. Each integration is verified and documented with an integration guide for step-by-step configuration.

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