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What are partner expectations regarding the growth of their managed cybersecurity services in 2022?

Cybercriminals are increasingly agile and organized – exploiting new technologies and tailoring attacks. The increasing complexity of cyber threats has driven the trend toward outsourcing one or more of an organization’s security operations.

When threats and security incidents are rising, managed security service providers can help overwhelmed organizations improve their cyber security posture, reduce their risk, and detect and respond to threats before a beach or significant incident occurs.

According to a recent Canalys quick poll conducted in Q3 2022, [1] partners show a significantly increased interest in managed cybersecurity services. In this quick poll, 311 partners from the Candefero channel partner community were asked how much growth they expect to see in their managed cybersecurity business in 2022. Some exciting points emerging from their responses are:

  • More than half of the responders expect their managed cybersecurity business growth in 2022. Moreover, 26% expect high growth ‒ over 20%, and 31% expect good growth ‒ between 1% and 20%.
    Canalys- 1.
  • All partners expect notable growth in managed cybersecurity services in 2022. 41% of the service providers that have already expanded their services to cybersecurity expect to grow this business line in 2022. 9% estimate growth over 20% and 32% expect an increase between 1% and 20%.
    Canalys- 2
  • There is an expectation of positive growth in all regions. The survey forecasts that most partners will see growth in their managed cybersecurity services business, no matter which region they operate in.
    Canalys- 3.

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[1] Source: Canalys Candefero quick poll, August 2022. Number of respondents: 311.

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