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Webinar: How MSPs Boost Business During Economic Uncertainty

As the economic climate changes, your customers are looking to you for dependable protection. MSPs can get ahead of this challenge without making drastic overhauls by taking advantage of available vendor resources and proper financial planning. Join us in this webinar, where we'll share strategies and vendor services to take advantage of today to pivot and remain flexible for the future.

Join us for a series of webinars featuring channel and cybersecurity leaders as they share their insights on the top 3 opportunities ahead for MSPs in the next three years. We’ll cover opportunities like XDR, remaining relevant during economic uncertainty, and building trust with your security vendor to utilize their services and expertise to fill skills gaps for your business.

In this third webinar of the series titled "Unlocking the Secret to Enduring Partner Business Success", we’ll be covering the following:

  • Is cybersecurity recession-proof? What are the opportunities (and risks) for MSPs in a recession or with inflation?
  • Strategic planning MSPs can utilize to successfully pivot and keep business continuity for customers.
  • Cybersecurity vendor services MSPs can use to boost business, especially if you’re understaffed or need financial flexibility.

Speakers: Katy Coffey, Chris Wachel, and Ben Oster

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