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WatchGuard, Seattle Kraken, and Climate Pledge Arena Announce Partnership

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve been named the official Cybersecurity Partner of the Seattle Kraken and Official Partner of Climate Pledge Arena, the world’s most progressive and sustainable arena. The Kraken began their third NHL season and will now have WatchGuard’s Unified Security Platform as another layer of protection on and off the ice. “We are proud to align our brand with the Seattle Kraken and Climate Pledge Arena family of partners,” said Michelle Welch, CMO and SVP of business strategy at WatchGuard Technologies. “The Kraken and Climate Pledge Arena have quickly established themselves as beloved institutions in Seattle. It's an honor to have our cybersecurity solutions protect the Seattle Kraken team from cyber threats off the ice while they thrill fans on the ice.”

Cyber Defenders of the Deep

What does this mean for WatchGuard? 

As a part of this multi-year deal, WatchGuard is the Official Cybersecurity Partner of the Seattle Kraken, and an Official Partner of Climate Pledge Arena. Amongst the Seattle Kraken community, WatchGuard will be known as the Cyber Defenders of the Deep, the company defending the Kraken’s business from cyber threats, while the fans Defend the Deep and cheer on the team on the ice. Throughout Climate Pledge Arena and the Seattle Center campus, visitors will experience WatchGuard as Cybersecurity Simplified, which is core to the company’s mission to take enterprise-grade security and make it easily deployable and manageable for our MSPs and customers. 

The team will also upgrade its cyber defenses off the ice with WatchGuard’s Unified Security Platform, deploying advanced network security, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and endpoint protection, detection, and response services. 

Where can I follow along? 

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