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WatchGuard honored at the 2022 TrustRadius Awards

We are honored to share that WatchGuard has been recognized with six awards in the 2022 TrustRadius Top Rated Awards! WatchGuard received the Top Rated award for Network Security with WatchGuard Firebox (2 awards), WatchGuard EDPR / Adaptive Defense 360 (1 award) and AuthPoint (3 awards). For the first time since it was added to the WatchGuard portfolio, our Endpoint solutions have received the Top Rated award in the XDR category. This prestigious awards program showcases today’s best products based exclusively on user feedback and satisfaction scores. Real customer experience determines the winners – exactly what buyers care about!

“Buyers have many options to address their security requirements. WatchGuard won 6 Top Rated Awards across 3 products and 6 software categories. Watchguard Authpoint earned awards in the Single Sign On, Identity Management and Authentication software categories, Watchguard Network Security won in the Network Security and Firewall software categories, and Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR received an award in the Extended Detection and Response (XDR) software category” said said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. "WatchGuard earned these Top Rated awards based entirely on feedback from their customers. Reviewers on TrustRadius highlight exceptional customer support and ease of use across all 3 products. WatchGuard’s customers value WatchGuard as a security partner and the ability to centralize the management of their network security needs.”

2022 TrustRaidus Awards

To determine winners, TrustRadius uses an algorithm called trScore to calculate products scores based on a weighted average of review and ratings, rather than a simple average. Top Rated winners had consistently high customer ratings in the past year with a trScore rating of 7.5 or higher.

Here are several reviews from verified users that contributed to WatchGuard’s TrustRadius Top Rated awards:

  • “We use WatchGuard in our company for edge firewall and security of our IT infrastructure. WatchGuard in our organization solves the issue of network security against attacks and external threats, and internal access control management to also prevent access to unwanted destinations, improper downloads, spam, etc. We use the solution in 3 units of the company, and we interconnect the 3 with the WatchGuard VPN solution and it works perfectly.”
  • “We manage many different companies’ IT networks and utilize Adaptive Defense 360 for all of our customers and their machines (as well as internally). This product has been amazing in terms of transition to the product and using it on a day-to-day basis. It provides real-time monitoring with so many details on each computer and activities that take place. You are able to customize most features and policies to work with your needs. This product allows us to feel 100% certain that our customers and personal machines are protected from outsiders/other bad stuff. Each program is analyzed by their AI to ensure it is safe, and if it isn't recognized by their system, they have a dedicated team that is actively researching unknown programs and processes to classify it as safe or not. With this product, you can be sure you are fully protected.”
  • “The company's insurance provider required them to have some 2FA in place to protect them. I worked with the company and provided a solid solution using WatchGuard AuthPoint. The customer was happy with how easy it was to use and to get their team on board and using this product. Once AuthPoint was implemented, the customer has not had any issues with employees logging in at all.”

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