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WatchGuard Cybersecurity Predictions Challenge 2023

In 2023, WatchGuard predicts that hackers will try to bypass your cybersecurity defenses using new techniques focused on business processes, identity, and artificial intelligence. This year, Corey and Marc square-off in a Predictions Challenge, offering different takes on potential hacks and attacks in these categories. Whose predictions will come true…only time will tell!

Some of the Threat Lab team’s 2023 predictions include:

  • Insurers Verticalize Their Already Increased Security Requirements
  • Cybersecurity Evaluation and Validation Become a Top Factor in Selecting Vendors and Partners
  • The First Big Metaverse Hack Affects a Business Through New Productivity Use Cases
  • MFA adoption Fuels Surge in Social Engineering
  • A Novel Robotaxi Hack Results in a Dazed and Confused AI Car
  • AI Coding Tools Introduce Basic Vulnerabilities to New Developers’ Projects

Check out all of WatchGuard’s 2023 cybersecurity predictions, along with accompanying videos featuring Corey and Marc; here to learn more!

Take the opportunity to register for the webinar 2023 Security Predictions on December 15;  to ask questions and receive first-hand predictions from our experts.

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