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Cytomic and SIA form strategic alliance to provide endpoint-based MDR services

Cytomic, the strategic account team at Panda Security, a WatchGuard brand, has announced the forging of a strategic alliance with SIA, an Indra company specializing in delivering cybersecurity solutions and services to corporate customers. This partnership, within the framework of Cytomic's channel strategy, aims to deliver a simple and effective solution to the challenge that companies currently face in the absence of dedicated resources, budgets, and specialized professionals to counter the ever-increasing volume, sophistication, and severity of cyberattacks.

The agreement sees Cytomic become one of SIA's preferred partners, integrating its technology into the Endpoint MDR service on the international market. Thanks to this latest move, Cytomic and SIA will be able to support companies of all sizes and from all industries in managing and mitigating risks in the most effective and agile way.

We are delighted to join forces with SIA to offer customers a simple, quick, and effective alternative to protect against new, advanced threats and to improve their level of resilience.The added-value service, expertise, and industry knowledge that SIA brings to the table, along with our industry-leading endpoint security and advanced research technology, we believe will combine to form an exceptional blend to deliver the highest quality service in security incident prevention, detection, and response without the need for specialized personnel or major investment in round-the-clock security teams.” says Cytomic's management team, a WatchGuard brand.

David Fernandez, Cybersecurity Services & Solutions manager at SIA, believes that "the SIA Endpoint MDR service is key to reducing the risk of security incidents, and if they occur, minimizing their impact. Leveraging leading endpoint security technology and supported by SIA specialists from CyberDefense Centers in Colombia, Mexico, and Spain, and CyberResponse Centers in Portugal and Italy, we are able to provide a standout service for the prevention, detection, and response to cyberattacks, which is scalable, global, and adaptable to the needs of each organization.”

This Endpoint MDR service provides real-time analysis of the multitude of malware, ‘Living-off-the-Land’ and in-memory exploit techniques that currently affect customers, monitoring activity, detecting abnormal behavior, and investigating incidents to determine the devices affected and the attack vectors used.

There are two available modes: Standard and Premium, in order to adapt to the needs of all organizations. Their main features include:

  • Case-based detection. 24x7 real-time monitoring and correlation of security events. Ability to deploy more than 800 cases, intelligence of more than 250,000 indicators of compromise (IoCs).
  • Detection of anomalies with User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA). Leveraging of advanced analytics and big data with proprietary Onesait Behavior solution.
  • Threat hunting. Proactive search and investigation of threats and incidents through event correlation, detection of anomalies, and applying threat intelligence and data analytics.
  • CSIRT. Delivering advanced incident response capabilities. Automation. Light response to incidents.
  • Threat Intelligence. Monitoring and analysis of multiple public and private sources of information. It offers a range of alternatives for 360-degree protection against phishing campaigns, malicious apps, and domain spoofing, among other threats.

To help mitigate the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this service has a 25% discount until the end of the year.

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About Cytomic

Cytomic, a WatchGuard brand, that specializes in tackling the security issues of the most demanding organizations with the highest level of cybersecurity maturity. Cytomic was established with the goal of redefining enterprise cybersecurity in order to keep customers safe from threats, minimize risk in corporate environments, and strengthen the security of their devices, data, and employees. We have an unwavering commitment to providing the visibility, privacy, intelligence, security, and monitoring that our customers need to confidently tackle effective risk management and active defense against present and future threats. For this reason, we believe we need to lead the disruptive progress of technology in order to deliver the most innovative, accurate, and specialized solutions, services, and tools for the most complex and mature business environments.

About Indra

Indra ( is one of the leading global technology and consulting companies and the technological partner for core business operations of its customers world-wide. It is a world-leader in providing proprietary solutions in specific segments in Transport and Defense markets, and the leading firm in Digital Transformation Consultancy. Its business model is based on a comprehensive range of proprietary products, with a high-value focus and with a high innovation component. In the 2019 financial year, Indra achieved revenue of €3.204 billion, with more than 49,000 employees, a local presence in 46 countries and business operations in over 140 countries.

About SIA

SIA is an Indra company specialized in cybersecurity and a leader in Spain and Portugal, both in terms of revenue and human expertise, with more than 1,200 expert specialists. Its value offering has a dual focus: protection of technological footprints, which includes consultancy, protection, detection, and response, and the enabling of new business models, with an emphasis on identity and digital signatures. As a subsidiary of Indra, one of the leading global technology and consulting companies with business operations in over 140 countries, SIA boasts in-depth knowledge of the industry in addition to an established global presence. More information at:

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