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AuthPoint MFA: Performance & Price Offer Recognition

WatchGuard and Miercom, an independent organization focused on product testing, have worked together on testing three MFA solutions to assess performance and cost effectiveness, as well as user and admin experience. AuthPoint MFA was tested competitively with two similar solutions: Cisco Duo and Azure MFA and the test criteria included assessment in the areas of:

  • Authentication Methods
  • Provisioning and User Experience
  • Deployment Efficacy
  • Security and Risk-Based Authentication
  • Total Cost of Ownership

Multi-factor authentication 1:1

MFA (multi-factor authentication) enhances how users verify their identities and assists in protecting sensitive information within the user accounts. It also guards against brute force attacks and stolen usernames and passwords. This is done by requiring one or more additional verification factors in combination with something the user knows (e.g. PIN number) and something the user has (e.g. mobile device). The most common ways that MFA can be implemented is through TOTP (time-based one-time passwords), push notifications, SMS, and email.

Companies are prioritizing security

Leaders and decision-makers are prioritizing investing in cybersecurity due to the increasing threats that make companies vulnerable to breaches regardless of industry or size. When it comes to multi-factor authentication, the cost of a solution is one of the key determining factors. Maybe this is because price can escalate quickly when you’re trying to implement a solution for all (internal and external) users. The fact is, organizations carefully evaluate their return and total cost of ownership when shopping for security solutions. However, wanting a reasonably priced MFA solution should not compromise the quality of the product.

Key findings

  • Performance Verified: WatchGuard proved its competitive edge as the most affordable solution that includes exceptional MFA functionality with an easy-to-use interface – for both users and administrators. While its competition could sometimes offer the same functionality, it came at the cost of meticulous interfaces and documentation that made for a challenging first-time experience.
  • High Value and ROI. WatchGuard showed highest value with its quality of experience. Compared to other solutions, WatchGuard delivered a rich set of native features with its one-time purchase. Other solutions come with added complexity and cost by requiring extra subscriptions that are priced separately.

The report also highlighted other areas of advanced functionality that every AuthPoint user or admin can access without impact on price, including remote work enablement, seamless user experience, and modern authentication methods like unique mobile DNA and risk-based authentication features. Get the complete AuthPoint Miercom report to learn more.

You can also find more information in our on-demand webinar The Best (Tested) MFA Features for Admins and Users where we discussed about multi-factor authentication from a competitive outlook and where you can learn about the key features that leading MFA solutions are offering.

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