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Advantages of including an MDR service in your offering

Cyberattacks are evolving and growing more sophisticated, organizations are reacting to this by scaling the cybersecurity solutions they deploy to include services that go beyond threat protection. They are increasingly realizing that other factors such as monitoring and responsiveness are key to protecting their business. 

MDR is the service that is gaining the most ground in this respect. These services reduce the attack surface and prevent, detect, and respond to potential attacks by using EDR technology. Through this approach MDR helps prevent potential endpoint attacks, monitors activity, detects threats within your customers' organizations and responds to them as soon as possible to mitigate any damage. Another boon of this service is that it discovers areas for improvement in your customers' security posture. This all makes it a solution that takes your customers' protection to the next level, ensuring the company’s cybersecurity is prepared against the most sophisticated threats.

As a result, this service has enjoyed a surge in popularity in cybersecurity to the extent that one survey estimates that by 2025 50% of companies will deploy MDR solutions to strengthen their cybersecurity posture. Organizations are therefore increasingly likely to ask providers for this type of support over the coming months. As an MSP, it’s crucial to take this customer trend into account and assess the benefits that this service can deliver for your business.

MSP: 4 advantages of offering your own MDR service with WatchGuard MDR support

MDR services are gaining momentum. When upgrading your MSP service portfolio, it’s critical to consider implementing this service as an effective way to respond to customer needs. However, as the range of products adopted grows, the burden on your team increases. Coupled with the current talent shortage in the industry, where 67% of professionals say their organization has a shortage of cybersecurity staff, onboarding and managing new cybersecurity services is becoming more and more difficult. This is why it’s important to explore alternatives and potential partners to help streamline MDR operations for your MSP business. 

Below we highlight some of the benefits you can enjoy by relying on WatchGuard MDR when offering your own MDR service.

  • Greater security expertise: 

    Thanks to a team of experts, you can enhance the service you offer to your customers, as well as expand your internal operations. 

  • 24/7 monitoring: 

    Ensures that threats are detected, contained, and mitigated promptly.  Cyberattacks don’t follow a schedule and can happen at any given time. Through WatchGuard's MDR service, you can ensure that activity is monitored, suspicious behavior is detected, and threats are detected and contained 24/7/365.

  • Cost-effective operations: 

    Thanks to an outsourced service, you can enjoy affordable alternatives to having an in-house SOC. This way, you can monetize your business while offering a differentiating value proposition to your customers.   

  • Access to advanced technologies: 

    You can also take advantage of innovative products, technologies, methods, and processes for detecting, investigating and responding to threat actors to improve the experience offered to your customers.

  • Focus on core business: 

    As an MSP, relying on an external provider can free up your staff, thus optimizing management of your team's priorities.

  • Scalability and flexibility: 

    An outsourced MDR service such as WatchGuard's can add flexibility to your business, enhancing development and scalability. 

  • Rapid response: 

    When faced with cyberattack threats, speed of action is key. With an outsourced MDR service, you can minimize damage and downtime from security incidents substantially and enjoy the support of WatchGuard SOC security experts, 24/7.

  • Insight into your customers' security posture: 

    Thanks to the constant monitoring of your customers' security posture by the SOC and the reports we send you, MSPs gain a detailed overview of improvements to preventive security measures that strengthens customer cybersecurity

Implementing innovative solutions is part of the process of offering your customers an updated commercial portfolio that keeps your MSP business aligned to their needs. When seeking to ensure these new solutions are implemented and managed efficiently, outsourcing key services, such as MDR, can help scale your business and build customer loyalty. 

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