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WatchGuard Endpoint Security and Kaseya VSA Integration

We are happy to announce that the WatchGuard Endpoint Security integration with Kaseya VSA is now available!

Early this year, we released the WatchGuard Endpoint Security API. A few months later was the integration with ConnectWise Automate. And now, we are happy to share the WatchGuard Endpoint Security integration with Kaseya VSA software.

Both partners and customers using ConnectWise Automation or Kaseya VSA will benefit from these integrations. Our partners will be able to offer better service delivery and reduce their costs. Our customers will be able to monitor and manage computers that run WatchGuard Endpoint Security software with greater automation.

The following are some of the main benefits provided:

  • Streamline deployment: automated agent deployments or on-demand deployment, installing agents remotely
  • Simplify management: discover every asset on any network, initiate on-demand endpoint scans, set endpoint security configuration, create tickets and alerts for security events that require your attention, and isolate & deisolate devices
  • Monitoring: agent and agentless inventory, any kind of malware, indicators of attack (IoAs), and protection status

WatchGuard's integration with Kaseya streamlines partners' and customers' daily workflows and tasks, reducing the time spent managing users' security. It makes it easier to manage a large number of accounts efficiently by automating agent deployment, allowing asset discovery on any network, initiating on-demand endpoint scans, providing set endpoint security configuration, isolating and deisolating devices, and much more.

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