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TDR 5.4 is now available

TDR 5.4 introduces two new features to improve management and security basics.

First up, this release includes a new Account Reset feature that enables Admins to reset any or all elements of a TDR configuration to default settings and remove domains, devices, and indicators from your TDR account. This feature is helpful when wanting to start from a “factory default” state or even when wanting to have a clean environment when conducting POCs or providing product demos. From a GDPR compliance perspective, this feature enables Admins to ensure organizations who want to exercise their right to be forgotten that they will be fully removed from the platform.

Additionally, this release brings a simple but necessary security feature around hardening of the Host Sensor. Regardless of how Admins and IT Departments configure their users’ laptops and workstations – i.e., providing user Admin rights or not – TDR enables Admins to directly protect the Host Sensor. TDR now provides functionality – regardless of system permissions – to control whether or not the Host Sensor can be modified or uninstalled.

Both of these new features can be centrally configured via the TDR portal. 

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