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New Fireware v12.8 Releases for Fireboxes

The latest release of Fireware v12.8 for Fireboxes delivers various enhanced features. Find out more about the release in the 12.8 Release Notes and What’s New in 12.8 Presentation.

Key Features include:


  • SD-WAN Load Sharing: SD-WAN actions enables you to share traffic load across multiple SD-WAN interfaces. You can use this feature to distribute load across multiple ISPs or lines.
  • SD-WAN Actions in Device Configuration Templates: Management Server device configuration templates now support SD-WAN actions. This makes it easy to apply SD-WAN actions to multiple devices.
  • Support for IPv6 traffic in Bridge Mode
  • Firebox Cloud can now apply firewall policies to traffic that arrives and leaves by the same interface, enabling east-west inspection of traffic.



  • Mobile IKE for IKEv2: This enables the Firebox to use the original VPN tunnel when a mobile device moves from one network to another. Also keeps VPN connections active to minimize reauthorization of MFA.


Do these releases affect me?

Fireware 12.8 is available for: 

  • T Series: T20, T40, T55, T70, and T80
  • M Series: M270, M290, M370, M390, M400, M440, M470, M500, M570, M590, M670, M690, M4600, M5600, M4800, and M5800
  • FireboxV and Firebox Cloud


Action for Partners and Customers: Install the new version of Fireware 12.8! Upgrade to ensure your WatchGuard deployment is leveraging the best power, speed, reliability, and security available today.

How to upgrade

Firmware upgrades are included at no charge with active WatchGuard support subscriptions. The easiest approach is to use WatchGuard Cloud to schedule upgrades for one or many systems. HA Cluster pairs are now supported for upgrade from WatchGuard Cloud too. You can also upgrade individual systems directly from within the WebUI. Admins may also download the applicable packages from the WatchGuard Software Download Center


For Sales or Support questions, you can find phone numbers for your region online. If you contact WatchGuard Technical Support, please have your registered appliance Serial Number or Partner ID available.

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