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GAV Outage for 11.10.5 and earlier software versions

AV Signatures in 11.x releases

With the release of 12.0, WatchGuard introduced a new GAV engine to take advantage of new AV industry technology and would discontinue support for older AVG engines in Fireware 11.x by January 2018. GAV signature support for 11.10.7 and above will remain in place until April 2018.

As of December 31, 2017, appliances running 11.10.5 and earlier Fireware versions may be experiencing scan errors and observing the following messaging in the log files:

01-02 13:41:58 scand license init failed(The license has expired.)       Debug

2018-01-02 13:41:58 scand Instance_Create failed.              Debug

The licensing error is in relation to the license key expiration of the AV scanning engine provided by AVG and not the appliance’s feature key.  The licensing of AVG’s scanning engine has been extended until April 2018 in 11.10.7 and later Fireware versions. We recommend that you have your customers upgrade to our latest software build 12.1 to resolve this issue.  If that is not currently an option, please upgrade to at least 11.10.7 to resolve this GAV licensing/scanning issue. 

Please note that when upgrading to 12.x software versions, signature updates may take up to 20 minutes to complete.  During this time, you may experience scanning issues but these will resolve once the signatures have completed the update process. For more detailed information, see the release notes for 12.0.

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