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Solutions that Keep Citizens and Data Safe

State and local governments collect and store a great deal of sensitive information about citizens, often more than even the federal government. But because it also has a fundamental duty to protect not just its data, but more critically its people, the matter of cyber security becomes much more than an IT issue – it becomes an issue of public safety.

The challenges in maintaining the security of state and localized networks are complex, from evading election hacking to protecting against insider threats. But thankfully, WatchGuard solutions are uniquely architected to be the industry’s smartest, fastest and most effective network security products. WatchGuard solutions enable IT pros to keep sensitive data – and citizens – secure.

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Election Hacking

Phishing attempts are becoming more and more prominent – in fact, 90% of cyber attacks start with a phish. Given the opportunity and phished credentials, hackers could break into online voter registration databases to steal personal information, change names and addresses, and create general mass confusion on Election Day. Even the most fastidious staff member can make a mistake, which is why WatchGuard DNSWatch enables you to not only protect against a hapless click, but also provide immediate training prompts to reinforce phishing awareness. Learn more >

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Visibility Across Decentralized Networks

State and local networks are often far more decentralized than federal networks, creating a great deal of risk. Because there is still a high level of interconnectivity between municipal and state networks, back and forth communications present many opportunities for cyber criminals to gain access to sensitive data. Visibility across all networks can be achieved with WatchGuard Dimension. This built-in tool, which comes standard with every WatchGuard Firebox® appliance, provides intuitive reporting methods that make it easier to communicate threat activity and remediation to senior government leaders and elected officials. Learn more >

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Updating Legacy Technology

Legacy solutions are easily one of the most prevalent factors impacting the efficacy of government networks today. Often this is a result of budgetary restrictions and limited staff – in fact, 80% of state governments say that funding is their top challenge in government information security. WatchGuard’s Total Security Suite provides the most complete package of unified security controls on the market today, all in one cost-effective and easy-to-deploy license. Learn more >

Quick Facts

42% of government officials have not performed a network security audit with the past 12 months
(State Scoop)


80% of state governments say that funding is their top challenge in government information security


Four in ten state and local IT leaders say they lack the tools needed to identify and report cyber security vulnerabilities
(State Scoop)


49% of government agency security breaches are caused by a lack of user compliance
(Regulatory Cybersecurity)

“I sleep easier knowing that I don’t need to be on top of – for example – the latest ransomware threat. It gives me great piece of mind, and really saves me a lot of time.”

Micah Macri, Manager, Library IT Systems & Creative Technologies, Eastern Regional Libraries


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