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Get High Marks with Safe and Engaging Online Learning

Managing the IT systems for any educational institution is no small feat. You have a user base of students and faculty spread over a large campus, connecting over wired and wireless networks. In addition, you need to provide access to a broad variety of online learning tools and resources, while maintaining adequate controls for a safe and age-appropriate Internet experience. No other environment requires more from its IT infrastructure in terms of both performance and security than in education – and WatchGuard already makes it happen every day!

Uniquely architected to be the industry’s smartest, fastest and most effective network security products, WatchGuard solutions enable IT security pros to more than meet business needs with easy-to-deploy, enterprise-grade security, featuring highly effective content filtering and threat detection/remediation services included with our Total Security Suite. Also, our secure Wi-Fi solution supports the specialized requirement in K-12 networks with a patented approach to wireless security.

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Unified Approach to Network Security

WatchGuard offers the most comprehensive portfolio of security services focused on bringing best-in-class, enterprise-grade security to any organization, regardless of size or technical experience. Our Total Security solutions deliver comprehensive, defense-in-depth security and visibility tools needed to protect impressionable young minds at work. Learn more >

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Keep Students Safe Online

Schools have a duty to protect pupils from accessing inappropriate content while also protecting devices and school networks from malicious attacks. Unfortunately, children are less savvy or suspicious than adults, making them more likely to fall for phishing attacks and social engineering. By automatically detecting and blocking phishing attacks, DNSWatchGO keeps student curiosity from becoming a liability. Not only can DNSWatchGO block cyber attacks, it also provides domain-level protection and content filtering to protect users from going to inappropriate sites – regardless of where the student connects.
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Secure Wi-Fi

Mobile devices are transforming education, necessitating student access to high-speed Wi-Fi to deliver abundant web-based educational resources. In many networks, Wi-Fi security is an afterthought, but schools require wired and wireless networks to have the same strong protection in place. WatchGuard has built its reputation on strong security, and we bring this same emphasis to our Wi-Fi products. Learn more >

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Google for Education Integration

Wi-Fi Cloud integration with Google for Education brings the rich Google features to the classroom while maintaining the strongest possible security posture. Administrators enjoy bringing even more control, usability and ease of use to their school districts.

E-Rate Opportunity

Many schools take advantage of the E-Rate program in the United States to purchase technology at a discount, making it more affordable to provide a safe learning environment. WatchGuard products and services are eligible under the FCC’s E-Rate program. It's the best way to save your budget dollars and secure your network with WatchGuard's enterprise-grade solutions.

Quick Facts

42% of teachers say that at least one digital device is used every day in the classroom.

79% of teachers believe technology makes a big difference in making learning more interesting.

75% of teachers believe digital learning content will replace printed textbooks within the next 10 years.

90% of kids use digital learning materials at home.

(Source of statistics - Deloitte)

“Thanks to WatchGuard, our pupils’ devices are securely, consistently and easily connected to the school network.”

James Priory, Headmaster, Portsmouth Grammar School

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