Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

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Stay Ahead of Evolving Threats

WatchGuard offers the most comprehensive portfolio of network security services on the market, from traditional intrusion prevention, gateway antivirus, app control, spam blocking, and web filtering to more advanced services for protection against ransomware, newly minted strains of malware, and the loss of sensitive data. What’s more, the technology behind our fully integrated solutions was created in a way that allows innovative security services to be added quickly in response to new threat vectors. WatchGuard’s Total Security Suite combines all our powerful layers of UTM defenses in one convenient package for maximum protection and simplified management. Learn more >

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Close the Configuration Gap

All WatchGuard solutions come with built-in RapidDeploy, a cloud-based configuration feature that allows WatchGuard firewalls and UTM solutions to securely configure themselves. IT staff can create and store the correct configuration data in the cloud – public or private – and have the appliance directly shipped to its destination. Once the device arrives, it effectively deploys itself by automatically connecting to the cloud for a secure download of its configuration settings. This ensures you have consistent policies in place throughout the network, as well as saving valuable staff time and money. Learn more >

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Secure Your Wi-Fi Environments

Wi-Fi is considered a standard business amenity at brick-and-mortar establishments now and customers expect you to provide it. But Wi-Fi opens a business to significant security risks that could lead to compromised data, damaged brand reputation, and PCI penalties. WatchGuard’s cloud-managed access points have built-in Wireless Intrusion Prevention Service (WIPS) to help ensure your customers’ data is safe. Using patented Marker Packet technology, WatchGuard WIPS defends your Wi-Fi environments – both within your walls and in your outdoor areas – from unauthorized devices, man-in-the-middle and denial-of-service attacks, rogue APs and more. Learn more >

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Streamline the Compliance Process

WatchGuard Dimension, a cloud-ready network security visibility solution, comes standard with WatchGuard's flagship firewall platform. It provides big-data visibility and reporting tools that identify and distill key network security threats, issues, and trends, accelerating the ability to set meaningful security policies across the network. Reports (including built-in PCI templates) can be accessed at any time or scheduled to be auto-delivered, and they document both preventative and corrective actions – exactly what you need for the frequent audits required to retain PCI DSS compliance. Learn more >

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

The new requirements in PCI DSS 3.2 include Requirement 8.3.2, which mandates that multi-factor authentication (MFA) is used for admin access to the CDE, and adds to an earlier requirement for MFA during remote access. To best address these expanding compliance needs, our AuthPoint service offers strong MFA on an easy-to-manage Cloud platform with a friendly mobile app – bringing effective security together with low total cost of ownership. Learn more >

Quick Facts

PCI requires daily analysis of security event logs to detect suspicious events, anomalous activities, or potential indicators of compromise.


Isolating the cardholder data environment from the rest of the network is essential. WatchGuard makes it easy with flexible network segmentation options.


WatchGuard UTM solutions feature fast and easy drag-and-drop VPN creation between locations. Our VPNs are built to last, and known for their stability.


WatchGuard’s ThreatSync capability correlates security info from network & endpoint devices to give you timely alerts on escalating security incidents.

“When people say PCI is too hard, many really mean to say compliance is not cheap. The business risks and ultimate costs of non-compliance, however, can vastly exceed implementing PCI DSS – such as fines, legal fees, decreases in stock equity, and especially lost business.”


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