Ransomware - DragonForce

DragonForce (Active)
Decryptor Available

Just in time for The Year of the Dragon (Loong), DragonForce appeared on the scene in early December 2023. As of this writing (mid-January), little is known about this ransomware and the group responsible for creating and disseminating it. We know that they have a dark web data leak site that is also known as DragonLeaks. We also know that they claim to encrypt victim systems based on their own admission, and they exfiltrate data, too. Therefore, they are categorized as a crypto-ransomware and data broker group. They also take part in direct and double extortions, and if the victims fail to pay, then they release the data for free (Free Data Leaks). Aside from that, the most pertinent information from this ransomware is of the victims they have posted and what has been reported in the media. You can view that information in the Known Victims and References & Publications sections below.

There is an educated assumption of who the threat actors are. In 2023, a hacktivist group out of Malaysia named DragonForce Malaysia claimed they were in the process of creating a ransomware operation. This hacktivist group already had a few connections related to hacking and breaches. So, it isn't far-fetched that this is the same group responsible for this ransomware operation. They have the same name, after all! Let's not forget that one of the primary goals of ransomware groups is to avoid attribution, and they are prolific liars. As such, this is an educated guess, and we have labeled the Threat Actors and Country of Origin with this assumption below. If and when we find out more about this operation, we will update the information herein.

Ransomware Type
Data Broker
Country of Origin
First Seen
Threat Actors
DragonForce Malaysia
Extortion Types
Direct Extortion
Double Extortion
Free Data Leaks
Industry Sector Country Extortion Date Amount (USD)
Healthcare & Medicine United States
Telecommunications United States
Chemical United States
Electronics United States
Electronics China
Food & Beverage Singapore
Banking & Finance United Kingdom
Fashion & Textiles United States
Healthcare & Medicine United States
Government Switzerland
Retail & Wholesale Argentina
Construction & Architecture United States
Real Estate & Housing Argentina
Maritime United States
Construction & Architecture Australia
Manufacturing United Kingdom
Healthcare & Medicine United States
Food & Beverage Australia
Distribution & Logistics United States
Professional Services United States
Government United States
Defense United States