Case Study - MedNet

WatchGuard Helps Healthcare Services Company Improve Its Security Health


The healthcare industry can sometimes be difficult to navigate, but with MedNet Greece’s consultation services, they make navigating healthcare a breeze. At MedNet, services are offered to benefit patients, healthcare providers and health insurance companies. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, as well as the knowledge and resources the organization provides, MedNet is positioned to support people in mastering tomorrow’s healthcare challenges.

Due to the sensitive nature of MedNet’s patient records across its three locations, the need for secure networks is critical. Not only does the network need to be accessed by authorized employees, but it must remain compliant with the requirements outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Kostantinos Theodorou, systems administrator at MedNet, explained, “WatchGuard was the clear winner from the vendors we evaluated. Security and compliance are only two of the many reasons we selected WatchGuard.”


The healthcare company deployed WatchGuard solutions with the help of their partner, Digital Sigma. They chose to deploy a WatchGuard M370 Firebox appliance in the headquarters with T35 and T55 Firebox appliances in the branch offices to protect their network across three different locations. Additionally, the company leverages Total Security Suite, and was particularly impressed with the advanced security service capabilities included with Threat Detection and Response, DNSWatch, and IntelligentAV.

When evaluating multi-factor authentication solutions, MedNet compared WatchGuard AuthPoint with two other products – Gemalto’s SafeNet Authenticator and RSA’s SecureID Access. WatchGuard provided the most value for what MedNet was looking for due to the informative and timeliness of technical support. The company deployed 500 AuthPoint licenses throughout their organization, which allowed them to add an additional layer of security to prevent unauthorized access to the network and, in turn, protect their customers’ data. “AuthPoint was rather simple to install on our network, thanks to the help of technical support. Combined with the simplicity for our employees, it was easy to use from the very start,” said Kostantinos.


Since the deployment, MedNet has been impressed at how regularly WatchGuard adds new services to their offering and the continuous updates they receive on their newly deployed solutions. With WatchGuard, MedNet remains compliant and protected in their multiple locations. Furthermore, MedNet feels comfortable that their newly deployed multi-factor authentication solution, AuthPoint, helps keep patient records safe and sound in the hands of authorized employees. “What I really enjoyed about WatchGuard was that they had immediate, informative sales and technical responses every time we contacted them. They also have a high standard of service, and for that, we are thankful we chose WatchGuard,” concluded Konstantine.


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